• Running xunit tests in Silverlight-xunitcontrib-silverlight – Matt Ellis highlights the latest release of xunitcontrib, containing a port of the xunit testing framework to the Silverlight platform allowing you to create tests in the xunit way and have them run in any environments which Silverlight runs.
  • StatLight release (V1.2 & V1.3) – Jason Jarrett highlights (somewhat belatedly) the last two releases of StatLight, a Silverlgiht tool for automating test execution in Silverlight unit tetst making it easier to run your tests regularly and help reduce your feedback cycle.
  • MVC Extensions – Announcing DXperience v2010 vol 2 – DevExpress have just released their DXpereince v2010 Vol 2 release which is their major release for the second half of 2010. This release includes a vast array of new stuff across all the areas they provide solutions, including this library of extensions for ASP.NET MVC.


  • Update on ASP.NET MVC 3 RC2 (and a workaround for a bug in it) – Scott Guthrie discusses a metadata caching issue which has been reported in the ASP.NET MVC 3 RC2 release, sharing a workaround for the problem to enable you to continue using the RC if you are encountering this issue.
  • A Bluescreen By Any Other Color – Mark Russinovich takes a Christmas themed dive into some kernel hackery looking at changing the colour of the traditional ‘Blue Screen of Death’. As this post involves meddling with the kernel it comes with the highest of ‘at your own risk’ warnings.
  • Best Practices for Maximizing Scalability and Cost Effectiveness of Queue-Based Messaging Solutions on Windows Azure – Valery Mizonov shares a whitepaper on best practices for working with queue messaging systems in Windows Azure, looking at common customer scenarios the theory, and an actual technical implenentation.
  • jQuery Templates – {Supported Tags} – Hajan continues this series looking at the templating functionality in jQuery, looking at the template tags and their syntax in more detail, sharing examples of each in use.
  • Learn WPF for Free – Daniel Auger outlines a learning plan with links to resources for anyone who is looking to learn the basics of WPF development at no cost, drawing on some of the great resources available for free.
  • RavenDB on Mono – Rob Ashton continues his Mono adventure with a look at running RavenDB on the Mono Plaftorm, discussing what works (most of it) and what doesn’t (unit tests).
  • Working with the Silverlight Rich Text Box control – Kevin Dockx takes a nice look at the Silverlight Rich Text Box control which was introduced in Silverlight 4, looking at its various features and sharing a code sample to illustrate.
  • Strict Mode Is Coming To Town – Douglas Crockford discusses the ECMAScript 5 ‘Strict Mode’, one of the key new features which removes some of the problematic features of the ECMAScript language. Douglas discusses how adoption has been made easy by making it backward compatible with earlier versions, and discussing the various features it affects.