• All your base do not belong to you – Eric Lippert discusses why it is impossible to access your base class’s base class in C# giving another valuable peek at some of the design decisions that the team made in producing the language implementation.
  • "Developing a Silverlight Application for Windows Phone 7" Refcard – Greg Duncan highlights DZone’s latest RefCard Release, covering Windows Phone 7 development in Silverlight in this 5.5 page reference sheet.
  • .Net 3.0 and 3.5 out of support April 12th, 2011 – ‘rickcau’ highlights the end of support for .NET 3.0 and 3.5 on April 12th 2011, and reminds us all to ensure our applications are updated to .NET 3.5 SP1 to ensure continued support.
  • Windows Phone 7 Developer Guidance Map v2.0 – J.D. Meier highlights the release of an updated Windows Phone 7 Developer Guidance Map which acts as a pointer to the more in-depth resources on developing for the phone device.
  • Introduction to jQuery Templates &jQuery Templates- tmpl(), template() and tmplItem() – Hajan takes a look at the templating support in jQuery exploring the background to templates, why you would want to use it, and shares some examples, and looks in depth at the three key functions of the templating library.
  • How and When to use Dispose Pattern ? – Anupama Prabhakar takes a look at the Dispose Pattern and its implementation in C#, discussing why and when you should implement dispose in a nice back to basics article.
  • FxCop ASP.NET Security Rules release – Sacha Faust highlights the release of the ASP.NET Security rules for FxCop and an article on MSDN Magazine which discusses the rules.
  • Foundations of Programming 2 Will Need Your Help – Karl Seguin announces his plans to create an updated ‘V2’ edition of his Foundations of Programming e-Book and is looking for community involvement once again to help make it a success
  • OpenId With Forms Authentication – Sacha Barber shares an implementation of ASP.NET Forms Authentication which uses OpenId to perform the actual authentication discussing both OpenId and his implementation code in this CodeProject article.
  • Announcing F# snippets web site – Tomáลก Pet?í?ek highlights a new website which enables the F# community to share useful snippets of code with each other, and looks like it will become a great resource for those working with and trying to learn F# alike.
  • Part 3 of 4 : Tips/Tricks for Silverlight Developers. – Michael Crump continues his series of Silverlight Development Tricks and Tips looking at text box trickery, obtaining information about the web browser hosting your Silverlight application and working with child windows and tree based controls.
  • Rebuilding the PDC 2010 Silverlight Application (Part 4) – Mike Taulty continues his series on rebuilding his PDC Session downloader Silverlight application, looking in this part at improving the UI and visual experience using Expression Blend.
  • ECMAScript 5 Part 2: Array Extras – Luke Hoban continues a series of posts looking at the ECMAScript 5 features included in Internet Explorer 9, looking in this part at some of the new features for working with arrays.
  • Quick Tip – HTML5 Intellisense For Visual Studio 2010 – Gil Fink highlights a Visual Studio extension for VS2010 and 2008 which brings HTML5 intellisense to the IDE