• OpenWithTest 0.4 Released – Matthew Manela announces the release of v0.4 of his Visual Studio 2010 extension which provides a way of opening both your test and implementation code files in the development environment
  • FluentPath 1.0 – Bertrand Le Roy announces the 1.0 release of FluentPath, a fluent interface over the System.IO namespace, available over NuGet and also as a project on CodePlex.


  • Exploring Reactive Extensions – IObservable and IObserver – Alex Ullrich gives an introduction to the use of the IObservable and IObserver interfaces which make up the Reactive Extenions, with full source in VS2008 format for his sample.
  • Pedant Corner: Clarifying IoC, DIP and DI – Mike Hadlow follows up from his previous post on Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection and the Dependency Inversion Principle looking at the meanings of these terms.
  • Asynchrony in C# 5, Part Seven: Exceptions – Eric Lippert takes a trip into the weird and wonderful world of exception handling in the new Async CTP of C#5
  • NuGet Package Transformations – Phil Haack discusses the two types of transformation (Config and Source) available for use in your NuGet packages which allows the package to make changes to files on installation, illustrating with an example from the ELMAH package
  • Named Routes To The Rescue – Phil Haack discusses how giving all your ASP.NET routes names and using those names when generating URLs can make life much easier for you and how it allows you to work around some of the complications of routing with WebForms.
  • Creating Twitpic client using ASP.NET and OData – Gunnar Peipman takes a look at consuming OData feeds with a look at the TwitPic OData feed and building a simple ASP.NET application to view the data.
  • Reducing Code by Using jQuery Templates – Dan Wahlin takes a look at the recently released jQuery Templating functionality developed by the (ASP.NET?) team at Microsoft, showing it in use and discussing the use of the key template tags.
  • Progress reporting in C# 5 async – Nicholas Butler looks at how you can return status of how the task is progressing out of routines running using the C#5 CTP Async functionality in this CodeProject article.
  • Aimee.NET – Refactoring Lucene.NET: Setting up the Project – Matthew Dennis shares the progress on setting up the Aimee.NET library a refactoring of the Lucene.NET, discussing the background to the project, the structure of the project files and the tests.


  • Upcoming Web Camps – Scott Guthrie highlights the Web Camp series of one and two events occurring all around the world covering ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Web Matrix, OData, and much more.