• Feature Pack 2 is Available! – Brian Harry announces the release of the second Feature Pack for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Premium and Test editions. Feature Pack 2 includes all the goodness from Feature Pack 1 along with support for testing Silverlight applications, recording tests in Firefox, and an editor for Coded UI tests.
  • Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2 – Videos – Mathew Aniyan highlights videos of the new Feature Pack 2 features
  • Castle Windsor/Core 2.5.2 – Krzysztof Kozmic announces the second bugfix release of Castle Windsor and Castle Core, this release addresses reported issues, along with upgrading to NLog 2 and includes a logging facility for Silverlight
  • F# in MonoDevelop and cross-platform web sites & screencasts – Tomáš Pet?í?ek announces the first beta release of his F# binding for MonoDevelop which brings first class support for the F# language to the MonoDevelop IDE providing Intellisense autocompletion and the F# interactive tool window. Tomáš also shares two screencasts to help you get up and running with F# on Mono under Linux.