• jQuery 1.4.4 Released – The jQuery Team announce the release of jQuery 1.4.4. This release addresses a number of community reported issues, along with a new method ‘fadeToggle’. The team are now turning their attention to planning jQuery 1.5
  • Prism 4.0 For Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, WPF & Silverlight 4 – Karl Shifflett announces the release of Prism 4.0 , available for Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, WPF, Silverlight 4 & Windows Phone 7. The major feature is the support for Windows Phone 7, and this is joined by documentation in the form of sample applications, Quick Start Guides, and Hands on labs.
  • Introducing Power Assert .NET – Rob Fonseca-Ensor highlights his latest Open Source Project. Power Assert .NET is a port of the Groovy PowerAssert which gives a complete output of an expression tree when assertation fails.
  • MVVM Technical Description – Karl Shifflett shares an excerpt from his In the Box – MVVM Training, available through the Visual Studio Gallery. In the Box is a multi media training delivered through the Visual Studio IDE



  • Silverlight Firestarter 2nd December 2010 – Scott Guthrie heads up a fantastic lineup of Silverlight talks as a pars of the Silverlight Firestarter event, an in person and streamed live event on Thursday 2nd December, starting 9am PST