• jQuery: jQuery 1.4.3 Released – The jQuery team announce the release of 1.4.3, the 3rd minor update to the 1.4 product. This release includes a number of bug fixes, along with some improvements to the framework and the process they use to product it including the framework now passing JSLint testing, and refinements of the modularity of the framework, along with major updates to the CSS Module, Data Module, and new features in HTML5 Data attributes, events, effects, and traversing.
  • jQuery Mobile Alpha 1 Released – The jQuery Team also announce the release of the first alpha release of jQuery Mobile, a unified mobile UI framework for the web which aims to work well on all mobile browsers, relying on graceful degradation and progressive enhancement.
  • Model Driven Development with StatePatternModeler – Manuel Naujoks announces the release of 2 Visual Studio 2010 extensions. StatePatternModeler brings support for State Models to the UML tools in Visual Studio 2010 allowing Model Driven Development for state based applications. The Second, Method Logger, records any changes in methods in the comments at the top of the method.



  • October 2010 Live Meeting – Trees, Language Oriented Programming and F# with Robert Pickering – Community for F# host their monthly virtual meeting today (Tuesday 19th October) at 11am PDT, where Rob Pickering will be exploring tree structures and how they can be represented in F#
  • Announcing OpenSpaceBeers, the open-space for all developers, whatever the platform – Seb Lambla announces the first Open Spaces Beers event to be held on Tuesday 26th October at a venue to be confirmed (in London I believe). This meet-up is for any developer working on any platform and aims to discuss issues which are common to all
  • Event: What’s next in C# and VB? – NxtGen Cambridge welcome Mads Torgersen and Lucian Wischik on Wednesday 3rd November where they will be talking on the new features of C# and VB.NET which will be being unveiled at PDC
  • Silverlight Firestarter Event on December 2nd Streamed Live! – Dan Wahlin highlights the Silverlight Firestarter Event being held in Redmond on the 2nd December featuring Dan, Scott Guthrie, John Papa, Tim Heuer, Jesse Liberty, Jaime Rodriguez, Yavor Georgiev and others. The event will also be being streamed live, so you can get to experience the event from the comfort of your own desk. Registration for the event is required for both in person and online viewing.
  • Debreefing the NHDay – Simone Chiaretta reflects on the NHibernate Day event held earlier this month, and highlights the availability of the recorded content from the main room (featuring Ayende).