• Writing a Compiler in C#: Parsing, Part 1 – Sasha Goldshtein moves on from Lexing to look at parsing of C# code, and how it takes the output of the lexing stage and gives it meaning, exploring the use of the Backus-Naur Form to represent code.
  • Hidden Facts of C# Structures in terms of MSIL – Abhishek Sur explores the differences between Structs and Classes, looking at the key behaviours and illustrating them with some samples before digging into the Intermediate Language representations and comparing further
  • Some Best Practices for C# Application Development (Explained) – Kunal Chowdhury shares a number of C# best practices, providing both the ‘rule’ and some explanation for the rules existence
  • Better Rate Limiting in .NET – Jack Leitch discusses the creation of RateGate, a simple library for controlling the rate at which items are processed from a collection, discussing a number of strategies for achieving the rate limitation, sharing an implementation and looking at its use in LINQ and parallel code. Full source is available.
  • Free Books – Qink have a very wide ranging list of Fre Programmer related e-books covering a huge range of topics from Graphics Programming to VIM with lots of interesting stuff in between. There are also a number of other great resources mentioned in the comments.
  • Windows 7 Development Resources – Jennifer Marsman shares a huge collection of Windows 7 Developer resources, highlighting blogs of note, Hands-on labs, forums and SDKs
  • Windows Phone 7 – Application Lifecycle – Ocean for the Phone – Karl Shifflett discusses the application lifecycle of Windows Phone 7 applications, exploring and sharing a sample application which logs the key method calls in the applications lifecycle. Karl also looks at using his port of the Ocean Framework to the Windows Phone 7 to provide validation, access to isolated storage, and additionally some helpers for tombstoning the application
  • Fiddler and the Windows Phone 7 Emulator – Eric Lawrence shares a workaround for getting the Fiddler HTTP Debugger working with the Windows Phone 7 emulator in the final RTM edition.
  • RavenDB – The Image Gallery Project (XII) – Integrating our view with ASP.NET MVC – Rob Ashton continues with his Image Library implementation using RavenDB and ASP.NET MVC. This part explores tying the view together with ASP.NET MVC, and hooking up and testing Image retrieval
  • A Feature-driven Comparison of Entity Framework and NHibernate – Fetch Plans – Dino Esposito looks at the implementation of FetchPlans in both NHibernate and Entity Framework, looking at where they are similar and some of the differences between the implementations.
  • Benoit Mandelbrot – Luke Hoban remembers the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot and his most famous discovery the Mandelbrot fractals, and shares two implementations for calculating and displaying these fractals in F# and JavaScript.
  • Diverse.NET – Ian Cooper replies to Rob Conery’s post from last week on adopting open source projects with a discussion on Open Source Alternatives, and the Microsoft ‘habit’ of creating their own and stifling the open source pre-cursors. Ayende replies to this post sharing his own thoughts on this stifling in his post’re: Diverse.NET
  • Building polyglot packages for OpenWrap and NuPack, Installing OpenWrap from the sources, Using NuPack as a package repository in OpenWrap & Creating your own OpenWrap repository on a file-share – CodeBetter’s latest addition to their Blogging lineup, Seb Lambla, kicks off his time on the site with a number of posts on his OpenWrap package management system, discussing how you can build packages for NuPack which work in OpenWrap too, how you can get started and install OpenWrap, Utilise the NuPack package repository from OpenWrap and creat your own OpenWrap repository
  • LINQ: Introducing The Take Last Operators , Implementing The TakeLast Operator & Implementing The TakeLastWhile Operator – Paulo Morgado talks about his implementations of a Take Last operator for LINQ, talking about how they offer a better performance than the common Reverse method, discussing the code and implementation of two complementary operators.


  • Presentation: Intro to NoSQL – Ayende highlights the availability of the video recording of his NoSQL Introductory session delivered in Aarhus, Denmark for ANUG/Trifork.