ASP.NET Padding Oracle Vulnerability

  • ASP.NET Security Update Shipping Tuesday, Sept 28th – Scott Guthrie announces the planned release of the ASP.NET Padding Oracle Vulnerability official fix, scheduled to be pushed out today (Tuesday 28th September) at 10am PDT. Before then, you can read about the fix in the advance notification security bulletin, and if you have any questions there will be a webcast at 1pm PDT to answer questions about the fix.


  • Virtual Machine Servicing Tool 3.0 – A useful utility which allows users of Virtual Machines to apply updates to those machines and template machines allowing them to be kept up to date and to close off security threats.


  • Ambiguous Optional Parentheses, Part Three – Eric Lippert continues his series looking at the complexities of Syntactic sugar showing further examples of the ambiguity that can be caused by the introduction of certain syntactic sugar and explaining a few other language features in this context.
  • MEF in the Wild: A Retrospective – Jeremy Likness takes a look back at some of the actual uses of the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) from a number of actual projects undertaken using MEF, covering View Model Routing, Validation,Commands, Service integration and a whole lot more.
  • RavenDB – Image Gallery Project (I) – Rob Ashton kicks off a new series of posts looking at building a sample application against the RavenDB Document Database using ASP.NET MVC 2, following a TDD methodology for the core RavenDB infrastructure and usage.
  • C# As a Scripting Language in your .NET Applications – Using Mono’s Compiler As a Service – Anoop Madhusudanan has been exploring uses of the Mono Compiler as a Service functionality, looking in this post in the series at how it enables C# as a scripting language in your applications, having previously explored filtering and querying and code evaluation in previous posts.
  • nHibernate making updates and inserts much faster – Christiaan looks at the batching functionality in NHibernate and how it can provide a significant speed improvement by reducing the time spent making round trips to the database.
  • Introducing jstub – Karl Seguin shares the source for his lightweight JavaScript Mocking Framework which provides the Stubbing functionality he was looking for. Code is available on GitHub.
  • User Experiences: Quieter Notifications – Ritika Virmani talks about the UI changes in Internet Explorer 9 surrounding alerts and notifications, and how they have removed many of the blocking messages up into the notification bar.
  • Functional stateful programming in F# – Matthew Manela takes a look at how you can write functional programs in F# where you need to manipulate state, there by not being pure functional looking at techniques and practices which make this type of development possible.
  • Cloud Architecture: The Scheduler-Agent-Supervisor Pattern – Clemens Vasters talks about a pattern which he keeps finding uses for in the Cloud applications space, and presents the pattern here in a generic form, showing how it work and how it handles failures.