• MbUnit/Gallio 3.2 – Andrew Stopford announces the release of version 3.2 of the MbUnit and Gallio test framework. This update brings updates to the the Icarus test runner, the ability to save test run reports in compressed ZIP format, improved IDE integration support using the VS10 Data Collector, and the new Mirror framework for testing non-public functionality
  • Prism v4 – Drop 8 – The latest release of Prism V4, the Composite Application framework for WPF and Silverlight has been made available on CpodePlex. Drop 8 includes a number of new features along with a version of the library designed for Windows Phone 7
  • Google Chrome Frame: Stable and Speedy – The Google Chrome team announce the removal of the beta label from Google Chrome Frame, the Internet Explorer add-in which allows developers to replace the IE rendering engine with a Chrome based one based on meta tags in the page.


  • What is Functional Programming? Part 4, Linq – Christopher Bennage continues his excellent series of posts on Functional Programming, looking this time at the functional programming that most C# developers will be most familiar with – Linq.
  • Domain Models, Dependencies And Fighting Anemia – Derick Bailey discusses the difficulty of creating a good non-anaemic domain model which does not take reference to services and other dependencies, discussing a number of options for avoiding this, illustrated with a real-world example of the problem, and looking for suggestions of a good solution. I expect there to be some good stuff in the comments of this one.
  • Real World Monitoring and Tuning ASP.NET Caching Part 2 – Steve Smith continues his look at ASP.NET cache monitoring and tuning, discussing the cause of his caching problems, some seemingly fine ASP.NET cache access code which exhibited problems due to lack of locking and poor SQL Cache Dependency use.
  • Windows Phone 7, Reactive Extensions, OData, MVVM – John P Alioto shares his experiences building a Windows Phone 7 application making use of MVVM and the Reactive Extensions for Silverlight to access an OData Data source.
  • WP7 Code: Using the GeoLocation API – Dragos Manolescu also looks at using the Reactive Extensions of the Windows Phone 7, this time exploring their use with the Geolocation API features of the Phone, and looks at writing queries against the resulting event stream.
  • Windows Phone 7 Tutorials: Maps, GPS and Accelerometer – Nigel Sampson shares three more sample Windows 7 Phone tutorials with sample applications. These three explore the use of the Accelerometer, the GPS and mapping, and appropriate use of the Reactive Extensions to work with the GPS and Accelerometer event streams.
  • WCF REST Services Inside MVC Projects – Steve Michelotti looks at getting WCF Rest Services and MVC-style web services to co-exist happily in one web project looking at the routing configuration steps involved
  • ASP.NET MVC 3 Preview 1 – Global and Conditional Filters – Malcolm Sheridan takes a look at the Global and Conditional filters functionality in ASP.NET MVC Preview 1 whicha allows filters to be registered once, removing the need to apply attributes to every controller that you want to use the filter.
  • Evercookie – using a lot of solutions to force a persistent cookie – Chris Heilmann over at Ajaxian highlights the Evercookie library which tries a vast array of tricks to get cookies stored on the client even if the user has disabled cookie support.