• Automating Deployment with Microsoft Web Deploy – Scott Guthrie continues his epic series looking at the new features of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4, putting web deployment under the microscope stepping through the use of the Microsoft Web Deploy, a server based solution to making it easier to deploy and publish your web applications
  • Using the Accelerometer on Windows Phone 7 – Dave Edson and Greg Hogdal take a look at using the Accelerometer included in all Windows Phone 7 devices from your own code, discussing the data ranges returned from the device, the event stream data is provided by, and some techniques for working with accelerometer data.
  • Interoperable HTML Parsing in IE9 – Jonathan Seitel of the Internet Explorer 9 Team discusses the role of the HTML Parser in making a good DOM, and takes a look at the improvements made in Internet Explorer 9
  • Web Standards: from Working Draft to Recommendation – Adrian Bateman (also of the IE9 team) discusses the importance of Web Standards, and the process of these standards becoming actual standards, illustrating the process that the drafts must go through to be ratified.
  • Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean we still can’t play in the sand … Sandcastle that is – Greg Duncan highlights a detailed article from Michael Sorens which looks at the use of SandCastle to produce documentation from your code using the XML documentation comments, working through the process and configuration to help you produce great documentation.
  • Is That the Right Version of Mscoreei.dll? – The CLR team discuss a trick they used to help reduce the number of reboots required in installing versions of the .NET Framework which results in you seeing .NET 4 DLLs in use in .NET 2 processes.
  • Reducing AutoResetEvent’s Synchronization Overhead – Liran Chen takes a look at the performance of AutoResetEvent, and looks at providing an alternative implementation which performs better.
  • EF Caching with Jarek Kowalski’s Provider – The ADO.NET team highlight the caching and tracing tool kit from Jarek Kowalski which plugs into the Entity Framework, and in this post they run through the use of it from obtaining the extension, to implementing it in your code.
  • A Quick guideline for Microsoft Windows PowerShell Part-1,Part-2, Part-3. & Part-4 – Md. Marufuzzaman provides a useful introduction to PowerShell, starting out with a look at scripting in PowerShell, combining Powershell with VBScript and .NET functions, interacting with other programs via COM APIs, and working with .NET
  • How to Unit Test a WorkflowService – Ron Jacobs continues his series looking at unit testing Windows Workflow, exploring the testing of WorkflowServices in this post.
  • Encapsulation in JavaScript – ‘After2050’ shares a useful reference to encapsulation in JavaScript, illustrating namespaces, singletons, public and private methods in a simple example.
  • Dependency Injection – BlackWasp shares a nice back to basics / introduction to the concepts behind Dependency Injection


  • UK Windows Azure Online Conference date change – now 8th October – Steve Plank announces a date change for the "Microsoft Online Cloud Conference: the TechDays team goes online" conference along with sharing the full outline of the agenda across the three virtual tracks. Registration for this free virtual event is now open.