• Castle Windsor (incl. Core with DynamicProxy and Dictionary Adapter) v2.5 final is out – Krzysztof Kozmic announces the official final release of Castle Windsor v2.5. This release targets .NET 3.5 (SP1), .NET 4, .NET 4 Client Profile, and Silverlight 3 & 4. This release sees some minor improvements over the beta 2 release of a month ago and there is one sample application (a Silverlight 4 app) which illustrates some of the new versions features
  • Getting Started with PowerConsole – Bil Simser takes a look at PowerConsole, a Visual Studio 2010 add-on available from the Extension Manager which brings PowerShell right into the Visual Studio Environment, allowing you to explore, manipulate, and query the IDE environment from a command line.
  • Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Visual Studio Database Guide "ships"… Cowabunga! – Willy-Peter-Schaub highlights the release of the latest Visual Studio ALM Rangers Guide, the Database Guide which looks at Database Projects in detail, giving guidance for Solution and Project Management, Source Code and Configuration Management, External Changes, Build and Deploy, along with database testing and deployments.