• RequestValidation Changes in ASP.NET 4.0 – Rick Strahl talks about a change made in ASP.NET 4 to how the Request Validation works, with a new attribute required in the web config to maintain backward compatibility with how it behaved in previous versions
  • How to switch between HTTP and HTTPS in ASP.NET MVC2 – Jeff Widmer looks at how you can make ASP.NET MVC 2 switch to HTTPS for pages where you require security, and looks at the more difficult aspect of switching back to the non-secure side after that work has been completed
  • Must Windsor track my components? – Krzysztof Kozmic talks about the lifecycle management of of components created by the Windsor container, and looks at why you would want the container to manage this, illustrating with a discussion of the Unit Of Work in a Web Application
  • Developing a (very) Lookless Silverlight Radial Gauge Control – Colin Eberhardt walks through the creation of a gauge control for Silverlight, sharing the XAML and code for every stage so you can see the process he took, and providing the full working control with source code as a download
  • Introducing the new Silverlight 4 themes – Tsitsi Gora highlights the new themes for Silverlight 4, Cosmopolitan (code name Metro), AccentColor and Windows7 (OS compatible theme) which provide a nice way of making sure your applications UI is consistent.
  • Analyzing Silverlight Memory Usage: Part 1 – Obtaining Measurements – Mike Cook of the Silverlight Performance Team takes a look at the various tools available to help you establish what memory is being used and how inside your Silverlight applications, exploring Windbg, HeapMonitor and VMMap
  • The 4-contact points of software development – Brett Schuchert discusses the importance of observing the correct process of TDD, and to only tackle one aspect of the process at a time.
  • Design Through Testability – An Example – Karl Seguin discusses how you can gain better design by refactoring your code to be more testable through a simple example.
  • Dynamic LINQ Part 2 (Evolution) – David Fowler continues his exploration of merging the .NET 4 Dynamic functionality with LINQ to provide a means of creating LINQ queries for existing providers based on dynamic input, sharing a partial implementation as a library you can use.


  • MonoTouch and MonoDroid! – The Manchester NxtGen User group have Chris Hardy visiting them on Wednesday 15th September to talk about the use of MonoTouch and MonoDroid to build mobile applications for Android and IPhone/iPad
  • Windows 7 WPF MultiTouch Story – NxtGen Cambridge continue the touch related theme with an event on Tuesday 21st September featuring Guy Smith-Ferrier talking about multitouch development in WPF
  • Project Phoenix – Developer generosity rises from the ashes of the economy – Rachel Hawley highlights the great project launched by Arnie Rowland which aims to make use of un-employed / under-employed developers by getting them working on real world IT projects for charitable organisations in return for receiving some great software free of charge.