• Announcing Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 – Aaron Bjork highlights the release of the RTW version of Visual Studio Scrum 1.0, a process template for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server allowing your development process to follow the Scrum practices while using TFS. John Bristowe shares some more information, including some screen shots in his post Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0
  • Town Crier – An open-source e-mail templating engine for .NET – James Freiwirth releases Town Crier, an email templating solution which provides an easy means of creating mail-merged emails from templates, with a nice clean API. Full source is available on the project’s GitHub page.
  • A free tool from Microsoft Learning: LCDS v2.5 – Microsoft Learning release the latest version of their Learning Content Development System, a tool for creating interactive online courses including games, assessments, demos and other interactive activities.


  • The Duality of Object and Event references – Tomáลก Pet?í?ek examines the concept of mathematical duality, and sows how it can apply in programming by looking at the duality between objects and events, showing what this means for Garbage collection
  • On the use and misuse of patterns – Rockford Lhotka talks about the use of patterns, how they are useful to us in giving us a common frame of reference for discussions, and some of the things you need to ensure if you are going to make use of patterns
  • Technical Debt – Andrew Stopford gives a brief overview of the concept of Technical Debt sharing two diagrams that explain the causes of Technical Debt and the cost of Technical Debt.
  • SolidQ Journal – New monthly SQL Server reading material – Greg Low highlights a new online publication from Solid Quality Mentors on SQL Server and related subjects. The first edition is out now, and consists of 56 pages of well produced content available as a PDF.
  • Events and Delegates Under The Hood – Jesse Liberty takes a back to basics look at the role of Delegates and Events in Silverlight programming in C#, illustrating with a worked example.
  • Windows Phone 7 in-depth preview – With the release of the latest beta of the Windows Phone Developer Kit there has been renewed interest in the Windows Phone Platform, and Engadget have a indepth look at the actual implementation on a device.
  • Absolue Beginners Guide to Entity Framework – Michael Yaroshefsky uses his perspective as a newcomer to the .NET space to explore Entity Framework from this point of view walking through the types of experimentation a first time user may do.
  • Debugging an OOB Silverlight Business Application – Deepesh Mohnani shares a work around to make it easier to get debugging support for Out Of Browser Silverlight applications
  • Upcoming changes to AntiXSS – Barry Dorrans talks about the changes to support more language character sets which will be included in a future release of the AntiXSS library and talks a bit about Unicode in explaining the change