• IronRuby 1.1 Released! – Jimmy Schementi announces the latest update to IronRuby the Ruby implementation for .NET. This release provides bugfixes for a number of reported issues, along with some new alpha level feature implementations. Also of significance is the removal of support for .NET 2, you must now use .NET 3.5 or 4.0.
  • IronPython – Release: 2.7 Alpha 1 – IronPython also gets an updated release this weekend, with IronPython 2.7 Alpha 1 introducing some of the features of CPython 2.7, along with a license change to the Apache License.
  • Sterling OODB v0.1 Alpha Released! – Jeremy Likness announces the first Alpha release of his Sterling Object-Oriented Database for Silverlight 4.0 and Windows Phone 7.0. Jeremy also puts out a request for help with the project, both by simply using it, and also by getting involved if you are interested.
  • New Features in FiddlerCore – Eric Lawrence announces the release of an updated Fiddler Core Library including a number of new features such as Server Certificate Validation, the new Import / Export functionality and improved support for monitoring streams of data.
  • New Version of the Productivity Power Tools is Available! – Sean Laberee announces an updated version of the Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools. This release includes the ability to choose which features of the Power Tools are enabled, along with three other new extensions (Solution Navigator, Quick Access and auto brace Completion) along with some bugfixes and enhancements to the existing features.


  • Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4 – Scott Guthrie takes the Entity Framework 4 Code First functionality (released last week as a CTP4 release) out for a spin in the Nerd Dinner sample application going step by step through the process of building data access through EF using code first and focusing on the productivity enhancements in the latest release.
  • How to use the MSBuild debugger in Visual Studio 2010 – Buck Hodges highlights the work done by Dan Moseley, Dev Lead for MSBuild, on a Debugger for MS Build scripts which he created in his spare time, and managed to get included in Visual Studio in an off state.
  • Unit Test using test doubles, aka Mock, Stub, Fake, Dummy – Laurent Kempé discusses the concepts behind Mocks, stubs and other test doubles along with looking at their role in Test Driven Development.
  • How To – Gems And .NET – Rob Reynolds continues looking at gem packages for use in .NET, looking at how you go about building a gem package for a .NET package, and looks at the complex issue of Dependencies (References)
  • Uploading a File (Or Files) With ASP.NET MVC – Phil Haack looks at simplifying the process of uploading files in ASP.NET MVC taking advantage of some of the new features of ASP.NET MVC2
  • Using F# to Automate Reading – The Morning Brew – Naveen takes a look at consuming the RSS feed for The Morning Brew in F# and having it filter out some of the topics he is less interested in opening the remaining links in browser tabs – a nice example of the power of scripting in a language like F#
  • Caliburn.Micro Soup to Nuts Pt. 3 – All About Actions – Rob Eisenberg continues his tour of the Calibrun.Micro MVVM framework for WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone. This part explores the implementation of Actions.
  • Why I Like Ruby, Part 2: Blocks – Rob Connery continues his discussions of why he likes the Ruby language, with a look at the implementation of Code Blocks in Ruby
  • Finding files you’re sure you wrote – Kate Gregory takes a look at why you might not be able to find files you know should exist in the places you think they are due to the powers of UAC and the protected areas of the system disk such as Program Files.
  • Delegated Model Binding – K Scott Allen continues his exploration of Model Binding in ASP.NET MVC with a look at delegating the binding of one part of a model class to another model binder
  • WinForm Extended – Fabio Franco shares a WinForms base class which provides some extra functionality such as full screen mode, ability to draw on the title bar, attaching to the desktop, etc in this CodeProject article.


  • Converting from webforms to MVC presentation? – Eric Hexter provides the video capture from last week’s Community 4 MVC virtual event featuring Matt Hawley talking about the process of converting CodePlex from WebForms to ASP.NET MVC.