• Introducing "Razor" a new view engine for ASP.NET – Scott Guthrie announces Razor, a new code focused view engine for ASP.NET which is due for its first public beta release shortly. The Razor engine aims to be efficient to use, minimising key presses required to achieve output, easy to learn, and builds on existing languages. In this post Scott takes an in depth look at Razor in use.
  • Prism 4.0 Drop 3 released – Diego Poza highlights the release of the 3rd Drop of Prism 4. This release of Prism, formerly known as the Composite Application Guidance for WPF and Silverlight, is another early preview of the platform, and the team are keen to get your feedback to help improve the product,
  • new Test Lint Beta – with command line runner – Roy Osherove announces the release of the latest beta of Test Lint. Test Lint is a test review tool for Visual Studio which gives feedback on common test problems based on your test code, helping you write more maintainable, readable and trustworthy tests. The VS add-in is free, and this beta also includes the command line runner which will be commercially licensed.
  • MVVM Study – Segue – Introducing Caliburn.Micro – Rob Eisenberg announces a lean and mean version of his Caliburn MVVM framework aimed at Windows Phone and Silverlight development, distilling the core down to a mere 2000 lines of code, and 50 of assembly (which can be further compressed).
  • Firebug Lite 1.3.1b1 – The FireBug team announces their latest beta release of FireBug Lite 1.3.1. FireBug Lite is an edition of Firebug for ‘the other browsers’ supporting Internet Explorer, Safari, Chorme and Opera, bringing some of the features of the full Firebug to these platforms.