• RavenDB goes live! – Ayende announces the official release of RavenDB, his Open Source (with a commercial option available too) document database designed for .NET users on the Windows Platform. With documentation, tutorials, the new website offers good information to get you started
  • VsVim Update Released (Version 0.8.1) – Jared Parsons announces the latest VSVim Visual Studio add-in for Visual Studio 2010, which brings Vim functionality to the VS IDE, including key bindings, and command behaviours. This version adds a number of new features and fixes some existing bugs.
  • Silverlight 4 Tools for VS 2010 and WCF RIA Services Released – Scott Guthrie does his in depth post exploring the latest release from Microsoft, taking a detailed look at the Silverlight Tools and WCF RIA Services release linked to yesterday. As usual, Scott shows the major new features in the release in use


  • Porting MVC Music Store to Raven: The data model – Ayende looks at the ASP.NET MVC Tutorial application MvcMusicStore and looks at porting its data access and storage to his RavenDB document database product
  • RavenDB – How stale do you want it? – Rob Ashton has also been posting on RavenDB recently, and his latest post with a look at the way the platform handles stale results to optimise performance
  • Lesser Known NHibernate Session Methods – Ricardo Peres examines the NHibernte Session object and takes a look at some of the less widely used / understood methods it provides, showing a short code sample using them.
  • How to live forever (if you’re a CLR object) – Kirill Osenkov highlights the secret for eternal life for your .NET Objects, giving a way that allows your objects to avoid the clutches of the Garbage collector (which is usually a bad thing)
  • Caveats of C# 4.0 optional parameters – Jimmy Bogard looks at some of the down sides of the C# 4 optional parameters functionality, looking at the functionality, and exploring examples using expressions and value localisation which are not supported or cause interesting side effects.
  • Most Common ASP.NET Support issues – Reporting from deep inside Microsoft Developer Support – Scott Hanselman shares two common sources of ASP.NET support calls to Microsoft, looking at misconfigurations (especially debug="true") and problems caused by external non-ASP.NET causes, and asks readers for their common problems , so be sure to also look at the comments on this one.
  • Code Contracts Part 1 – Introduction – Kevin Hazzard begins a new series of posts (planned to be 14 parts) looking at the new Code Contracts functionality in .NET 4. This introduction post sets the scene, giving some of the background to Code Contracts and showing simple uses.
  • ASP.NET MVC 2.0 Attributes – Brian Mains takes a look at the various attributes utilised by ASP.NET MVC 2 , exploring ActionMethodSelectors, Filters, Action/Results, AuthorisationFilters, ExceptionFilters and custom attribues in this DotNetSlackers article.
  • Deq: Extend your favorite Mock framework with Moles – Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux shows how you can use the Detour API which underpins the Moles functionality of Pex to allolw you to extend other mocking frameworks to support static methods, sealed types, set.
  • VSNewFile: A Visual Studio Add-in to More Easily Add New Items to a Project – Dave Reed talks about a Visual Studio Add-in he created to make it easier to add items to your Visual Studio projects. Targeting VS 2008 and 2010, the add-in, with full code available on GitHub, allows you to create simple file templates for the types of file to add using a file name convention to add them to the VS UI.