• Final Release of Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2010 Released – Dan Wahlin announces the official release of the Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2010. The final release includes a few new features over the previous previews (most notable are intellisense for styles and the new Go To Value functionality)
  • RIA Services – v1 Shipped! – Nikhil Kothari shares the news of the release of WCF RIA (Rich Internet Application) Services 1.0, released in parallel with the Silverlight Visual Studio tools. Nikhil also discusses the future and highlights the forums for providing feature suggestions for future releases.
  • WCF RIA Services v1.0 and Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2010 are Here! – John Papa highlights both releases, and provides links to the supporting Release Videos from Silverlight TV for both Silverlight Tools and RIA Services


  • JavaScript local alias pattern – Bertrand Le Roy looks at the ability to alias types and namespaces in C# (with the using statement) and JavaScript (making use of global functions).
  • MVC Portable Area Modules *Without* MasterPages – Steve Michelotti looks at the portable areas features of the MvcContrib project and borrows and builds on some of the code in the Orchard CMS project to construct and implementation which does not require a MasterPage reference
  • RIA Services Authentication Out-Of-Browser – Kyle McClellan looks at making the RIA Sevices authentication support Out Of Browser (OOB) Silverlight Applications by swapping to using the Client Networking stack to make the calls to authenticate.
  • Introduction to the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript – The Final Countdown Timer – Matthew Podwysocki continues his series of posts on the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript looking at utilising time intervals for querying a system using the GenerateWithTime function
  • Every Program There Is, Part Seven – Eric Lippert continues his mind bending series looking at fleshing out the grammar used to represent ‘Every Program there is’, transporting the example back to more a recognisable programming language.
  • C# 4.0/BCL 4 Series: C# 4 Optional Parameters – Sam Gentile continues his series looking at the new features of the C# 4 language and Base Class Library 4 with a brief look at the use of Optional Parameter support in C#
  • Code for ‘Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010’ DRAFT ebooks – Microsoft Press share the sample code for the draft chapters of the ‘Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010’ draft ebook which has been made available for free.
  • Analyzing the MVC Music Store: Data Access – Ayende continues exploring the new ASP.NET MVC tutorial Application (MVC Music Store) and in this post takes a look at using his Entity Framework Profiler to explore the data access implementation in the project.
  • NHibernate sessions in ASP.NET MVC – Giorgio Bozio takes a look at using Unity dependency injection framework with ASP.NET MVC to manage the supply of an NHibernate Session for accessing data.
  • Unity dependency injection for WCF services Part 1 and Part 2 – Rory Primrose takes a look at using Unity within WCF Services, with part 1 looking at the use of the ServiceHostFactory to introduce Dependency Injection into your services, and looking at some of the constraints in the standard implementation of this, and in part two looks at a solution to these constraints if you need to support them.
  • F# for Silverlight 4 available – Brian McNamara highlights the inclusion of the FSharp.Core.dll in the Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 which means that you can now develop Silverlight applications using the F# language, and Brian shows a simple example app.
  • Finally! Entity Framework working in fully disconnected N-tier web app – Omar AL Zabir highlights an article he has published on CodeProject which looks at using Entity Framework in a disconnected N-Tier web based application sharing the lessons learn in building his DropThings portal.


  • Richmond Code Camp 2010.1 Is This Weekend – It seems to be CodeCamp season over the other side of the pond, Justin Etheredge highlights this weekend’s Richmond Code Camp. With over 40 sessions being held on the day (Saturday 22nd May) and spaces still available on the register if you are in the area and have a free day get signed up
  • SQL Server FAQ: Evening Meeting on Wed May 19, 2010 in LONDON – The UK SQL Server User Group are holding a couple of evening events this week in London, with Wednesday 19th’s event looking at Monitoring and Controlling SQL Server Resources, the Service Broker, and a demonstration from BakBone, and
  • Evening Meeting on Thu May 20, 2010 in LONDON – where Chris Webb will be looking at DAX the PowerPivot calculation language, and a case study presentation from Andrew Sadler of Hitachi Consulting.