This will be the last edition of The Morning Brew this week, as Friday and Monday are the Easter public holidays here in the UK. This means that you can expect the next edition of ‘The Brew’ on Tuesday 6th April, which based on previous years will be a bumper edition (as 4 days is about the longest break in publication). Enjoy your Easter eggs everyone.


  • Announcing PostSharp 1.5 SP1 – Gael Fraiteur announces the last support release of the PostSharp 1.5 AOP framework. This release is licensed under the same terms as previous 1.5 releases and provides bugfixes for all outstanding issues. If you wnat to get this release you need to ensure you have registered on their website before the release of PostSharp 2.0 as the download will not be available to users who register after that time.
  • Announcing YUI 3.1.0 – The Yahoo! User Interface Team announce the release of YUI 3.1.0 the latest update to their UI framework for JavaScript based web applications. This release includes improved internationalization support, the near completion of the Widget infrastructure, improvements to the loader and much more.


  • BCL CodePlex Site Launch – The BCL Team announce a new CodePlex project site where they will be releasing samples of proposed new functionality which do not require a Beta or CTP .NET Framework release. The idea is to allow the team to put out new ideas and get community feedback on them. Currently there are 4 projects on the site, BigRational, Long Path, PerfMonitor, and TraceEvent, and the team would love to hear your thoughts on them.
  • Strengthening your domain: Avoiding setters – Jimmy Bogard continues his series on moving from an anemic domain model to a rich DDD style domain model with this post looking at the removal of setters to further lock down the ability to mutate data stored in entities outside of the defined business rule based methods provided on the domain.
  • UNISA Chatter- Operating System Concepts: Part 8 – Memory – Willy-Peter Schaub shares his notes from his course on Operating System Concepts at UNISA, focusing this part on Memory on techniques of Operating System memory management.
  • The Problem with Immutability – Kathleen Dollard discusses immutability, and looks at how it can be applied in MEF / IoC based code, outlining a number of possible solutions , and explaining her frustrations with the lack of support in this area.
  • Effective Model-Based Testing with Spec Explorer Full Class – Nico Kicillof shares video footage of the 2.5 day course he and his colleague Wolfgang delivered on using Spec Explorer to perform model based testing. The footage is broken down into 4 sessions, each composed of 4 parts, allowing you to more easily schedule your viewing
  • Easy way to update models in your ASP.NET MVC business layer – Raj Kaimal highlights the CopyModel method included in the ASP.NET MVC Futures library, which provides a lightweight object mapper to move values from one object to another matching up on property name and type.
  • Speeding Up NHibernate Startup Time – Ricardo Peres shares a tip for improving the startup time of .NET applications which use NHibernate, by storing the NHibernate configuration in a serialised form on disk, and reloading from there on application start rather than rebuilding it.
  • TDD with complex infrastructures – Gojko Adzic shares some notes from the GOOSGaggle event, with a look at Nat Pryce’s thoughts on ‘System Test Driven Development’ which focuses on system level tests which span across complex infrastructures allowing you to ensure that your business domain can work in the way dictated by the infrastructure.
  • Overriding MEF Metadata – Daniel Plaisted takes a look at providing and utilising additional metadata on MEF Exports to provide functionality such as priorities for plug-ins.