• SubSonic Released – Rob Conery announces the latest release of the SubSonic ORM which has been brought into being by the contributions of Adam Copper, Christoph Walcher, and Bruce Onder. This release mostly fixes reported issues with previous versions along with some minor improvements and performance enhancements.
  • Fasterflect 2.0 Release – Buu Nguyen announces the second major release of Fasterflect, a reflection library which aims to take away some of the performance penalty of performing reflection operations. This new release includes a new Query API allowing you to explore objects as well as creating and calling methods and properties via the Access API. Both binary and source are available on CodePlex.
  • VS2010 RC, TFS2010 RC Virtual Machines are here… – Greg Duncan highlights the availability of Visual Studio 2010 RC and Team Foundation Server 2010 RC Virtual Machine images for Virtual PC 2007, providing you with a guaranteed conflict free way of trying out the latest and greatest Development Environment and Framework version.
  • ASP.NET Performance Framework – Karl Seguin shares a framework for ASP.NET Web Application performance which combines the techniques he discussed in an earlier post providing a means of performing merging and shrinking of files, enabling cache bursting , and manipulating content headers, all via a simple command file which is used by the framework which is implemented as a HttpModule.
  • Bundler Now Supports Named Bundles – Justin Etheredge has updated his Bunder utility to add support for named bundles of files and also to support the Media attribute in CSS files.


  • Parallel Programming Patterns Book – Ade Miller highlights the CodePlex site for the Patterns and Practices Team Parallel Programming Patterns content, which will in time be formed into a P&P book. At the moment there is an outline of the book along with an early version of a sample. This will be one to watch over the coming months as the book solidifies.
  • Introduction to the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript – Drag and Drop – Matthew Podwysocki continues his series on the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript taking a look at porting examples from the Flapjax Language into jQuery using the Reactive extensions, exploring a Drag Drop example, and in his next post ‘Introduction to the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript – jQuery Live Event Integration‘ where he explores jQuery Live Event integration with the Reactive Extensions and also talks a little about some new features coming soon to the Rx library.
  • ASP.NET 4.0 Part 14, More Control Over Session State – Dan Maharry presses on with his series of posts looking at the new features of ASP.NET 4 with this post looking at Session State changes touching on Session state compression allowing you to trade reduction in network traffic for increased CPU when working with out of process session state, as well as looking at the SetSessionStateBehavior allowing you fine control of what session features you require for a page.
  • Visual Studio Color Theme Editor – Extension #01 – Sara Ford begins a new series of posts focusing on Visual Studio Extensions, with this opening post looking at a theme editor for Visual Studio appearance.
  • Don’t Give Up on the State Pattern Just Yet – Jan Van Ryswyck follows on from Greg Young’s post on the state pattern last week with a look at using interfaces to control what state transition are possible for an object
  • Building extensions for Expression Blend 4 using MEF – Timmy Kokke takes a step by step look at extending Expression Blend 4 using the Microsoft Extensibility Framework illustrating with code and screenshots
  • Teaching AutoMapper about our conventions – Joshua Flanagan takes a look at implementing your own rules for the AutoMapper to follow when performing its automapping to help the automapper work more seamlessly encapsulating all the repetitive coding of the mappings into the config.
  • A quick look at Windows Phone 7 development – SQLDenis takes a look at Windows 7 Phone Development using the newly released Windows Phone Developer Tools, showing the install, and highlighting developer resources.


  • DotNetDevNet Meetings – March to June 2010 – Guy Smith-Ferrier highlights a number of great events being run by the DotNetDevNet Usergroup in the South West of England. All these events are free to attend, and feature great speakers on great subjects.
  • MIX10 Wrap Up – Mike Swanson talks about the popularity of the MIX 10 Session videos and highlights a number of ways of obtaining the video content, along with sharing the list top rated sessions and a number of amusing numerical facts about the conference (food, drink and bandwidth consumed amongst others)