• S#arp Architecture 1.5 Beta 1 released – Alec Whittington announces the latest beta release of S#arp Architecture which upgrades the foundation to ASP.NET MVC2 RTM, along with updating to jQuery 1.4.2, NHibernate and later builds of Fluent NHibernate, and the Castle Project items, along with a number of bugfixes
  • Windows XP Mode now accessible to more PCs – The Windows 7 Team announce a significant change to the Windows XP Mode functionality which removes the requirement for Hardware Virtualization Support, opening it up to users of less powerful computers
  • Employee Info Starter Kit (v4.0.0) – Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 Version Available – Mohammad Ashraful Alam shares the news of an updated edition of a previously well received ASP.NET Starter Kit application, which has now been updated to utilise a number of the new .NET 4 features such as Named Parameters, Tuples, Entity Framework 4, along with some of the new VS2010 features.
  • Telerik announces native controls for Silverlight 4 Release Candidate. – Telerik have updated their Silverlight Control library for the Silverlight 4 RC build, along with the update they have also taken advantage of the newly announced Microsoft Siverlight Analytics Framework to allow their controls to interact with your analytics.



  • DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper South West 2.0 – Proposed Sessions – After making a mess of this announcement yesterday (due to a typo) I thought I’d better include it again. Developer Developer Developer South West, which occurs on 5th June 2010, now has its session proposal process open, so if you are interested in speaking at this event, you need to get your session proposal filed on the site before 22nd March.