• Patch for VS 2010 RC Intellisense Crash Issue Now Available – Scott Guthrie highlights the availability of a patch for the Intellisense crashing issue experienced by a number of Visual Studio 2010 RC users who have USB connected external devices attached. Karl Shifflett also has a list of other know issues with the RC release, along with a few specifics for those developing Silverlight/WPF apps in his post Known Issues for Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate
  • ASP.NET 4.0, Part 2: New VS Project Templates – Dan Maharry continues his ASP.NET 4.0 exploration series with a look at some of the new web project templates available in Visual Studio 2010, focusing on the ’empty’ templates, and highlighting changes to others.
  • ASP.NET MVC 2 Model Validation – Mickael Chambaud gives a brief introduction to the Model Validation features of ASP.NET MVC 2 showing a short (feature dense) model code sample, and how the validation manifests itself in the auto generated UI, and how you can implement your own validation.
  • Introducing Sharpy – Jaco Pretorius announces a new View Engine for ASP.NET MVC. Sharpy is based on the PHP Smarty view engine, and aims to make it easier for developers and designers to work together on views. The project is licensed as MS-PL (Microsoft Permissive License) and hosted on CodePlex.
  • CQRS is more work because of the read model? – Greg Young talks about the commonly (mis)held belief that a Command Query Responsibility Segregation based architecture results in more work as you have to create two models, and argues that it doesn’t necessary, it simply results in doing different work. Greg also responds to another difference when using Event Sourcing in his post Event Storage and Persistence Ignorance addressing a readers concern about persistence ignorance when using Event Sourcing.
  • New Castle Windsor feature – typed arguments – Krzysztof Kozmic talks about the first new feature for Windsor 3.0, the ability to specify arguments using types rather than names, adding to the was in which inline dependencies can be declared.
  • Windows Phone 7 Series: Now That’s More Like It! – Joey deVilla gives the low down on the newly announced Windows Phone 7, announced yesterday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, sharing the details of the User Experience, features, and press reaction, and linking to a number of videos which give a better feel for the device.


  • Jesse Liberty Tour of the UK and Ireland (#techdays) – Guy Smith-Ferrier highlights the ‘Jesse Liberty UK and Ireland Tour’, with Jesse giving a talk on Silverlight4, TDD, MVVM in Bristol, London, Cambridge, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin during April this year.


  • A twist of lemon – Eric Lippert digs out some coffee related C# humour from the minutes of an early design meeting about the C# language – how different our lives could be with data types short, tall and grande (speaking of which, its time for a coffee).