• Composition versus Inheritance – Chad Myers discusses the fundamentals of Object System Design, the core concepts upon which all the modern OO concepts such as patterns at built
  • A First Look at Unity 2.0 – Dino Esposito takes a look at the latest beat edition of the Microsoft Patterns and Practices Unity project, taking a look at it in use, and exploring some of the improvements in the V2 release scheduled to ship in the same time frame as VS2010 / .NET 4
  • Back to Basics: C# 4 method overloading and dynamic types – Scott Hanselman takes a look at an important question when working with the new Dynamic Type support in C#4, how do you know which overload will be used?
  • ASP.NET MVC 2 Optional URL Parameters – Phil Haack talks about an interesting issue with model state caused by the way routing will pass through a empty string as an Id value due to the way the default route is configured, and shows how a new feature of ASP.NET MVC 2 helps work round this.
  • Silverlight Tools – Steve Smith shares a list of tools that he (or other he knows) have found useful for Silverlight Development, along with some links to good Silverlight news sources.
  • CQRS and Event Sourcing – Greg Young talks about a specific case where Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event sourcing techniques fit well together
  • In praise of ELMAH – Mike Hadlow shares his experiences with the ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) library looking at how he set it up in his ECommerce application, and is now able to monitor errors in a variety of ways.
  • Reduce Chain and Extract Projection Refactorings – Chris Eargle takes a look at simplifying a bit of sample code using two less well known refactoring techniques to simplify the code and improve readability.
  • Javascript: Passing functions around with call and apply – Mark Needham looks at the difficulties in using ‘this’ in JavaScript, and shows how the Call and Apply methods help in this regard. Mark also shares a bit of information about a number of other JavaScript related thing he learnt this week in his post Javascript: Some stuff I learnt this week
  • Multi-tenancy in ASP.NET MVC – Controller Actions (Part I) – Rob Ashton continues his series on Multi-tenancy ASP.NET MVC Applications with a look at a means of replacing and supplementing the controllers of an application on a per client basis by re-wiring some of the ASP.NET MVC framework to provide a means,


  • SQLBits VI has been announced! – Luke Hayler highlights the announcement of a date and venue for the next SQLBits Conference. SQLBits VI is the 6 SQL Server community Event, and will be held on Friday 16th April 2010 at the Church House Conference Centre in London. I’ve attended a number of these free events in the past and can highly recommend them to anyone who has a need to interact with SQL Server (or other database products)
  • Functional Programming eXchange: The Videos – Robert Pickering highlights the availability of session videos from the Functional Programming eXchange event held at SkillsMatter. The videos cover a range of topics and languages, ranging from Erlang to F#, resource management to pure functions.
  • London Geek Night – Ian Robinson shares the video from his ThoughtWorks London Geeknight talk last week, and follows on the discussion from a number of points raised during the session.
  • Linked .Net Users Group – Presentations – The LIDNUG team shares the recording of Scott Guthrie ‘Talking Shop’ with developers held last week. A great opportunity to catch up with what is going on at Microsoft, and hear Scott answer questions from the audience.