• LIDNUG Online Chat with Me on Thursday Feb 11th – Scott Guthrie issues a reminder for his virtual Q&A session to be held later today (10AM PST/6PM GMT) where Scott will be taking questions on anything and everything.
  • VBUG Manchester – re-launch event with Martin Bell & Chris Testa-O’Neill – VBUG Manchester (UK) resumes its events on the 3rd March, with Chris Testa-O’Neil talking on Reporting Services, and Martin Bell on Table Valued Parameters in SQL Server 2008. The event kicks off at 18:30, and is free.
  • F# London Meetup Group – Don Syme highlights a new F# Usergroup in London started by Carolyn Miller, and the groups first event is scheduled for 21st April 2010
  • Next European VAN on 01 March 2010 – Jan Van Ryswyck announces the next Europe Virtual ALT.NET Usergroup event when Mike Amundsen will be talking on HTTP Web Caching Techniques, looking at how you can improve the performance of your sites, and reduce your bandwidth costs.
  • The "Ignite Your Coding" Podcast Series – Joey deVilla announces his new PodCast/WebCast series which will be recorded weekly in March and April, which will feature a number of very well known names in the Software Development and .NET spaces.