Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4 Release Candidates

  • VS 2010 / .NET 4 Release Candidate – Scott Guthrie talks about the Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4 release, highlighting some early Twitter feedback about the product, talking about the install process if you have earlier beta releases installed, and highlighting a few know issues (Such as the lack of Silverlight 4)
  • Visual Studio 2010 RC is now available – Mathew Aniyan highlights the release, and outlines the changes made in this release within the Coded UI Test functionality.
  • Help Viewer in Visual Studio 2010 RC (and beyond) – Kimberly Wolk talks about the changes to the help viewer in the latest Visual Studio 2010 RC release, outlining how they responded to the beta feedback, and the improvements made to the viewer.



  • Is TDD Language Neutral? – Brett Schuchert questions if Test Driven Development practices are language neutral, meaning that the techniques and practices are relevant regardless of the implementation language, and also looks at other common programming principles to see if they are as well. Interesting discussion is breaking out in the comments to this one.
  • 10 Advanced Windsor Tricks – 11. Type forwarding – Having delivered on his promise of 10 Advanced Windsor Tricks, Mike Hadlow moves on to Tip number 11, taking a look at Type forwarding, which allows the container to use one type for providing many services.
  • “Nested Containers” in StructureMap 2.6.1 – Jeremy D. Miller takes a look at one of the new in V2.6.1 features of StructureMap, the nested container, which implements a clone of the parent container, but also tracks all transient objects it creates, and pulls any non-transient objects from the parent. Jeremy also urges everyone to upgrade to 2.6.1 as 2.6 had some issues.
  • The Weekly Source Code 49 – SmallBasic is Fun, Simple, Powerful Programming for Kids and Adults – Scott Hanselman takes a look at Small Basic (who’s latest version was linked to in yesterday’s edition of The Morning Brew), showing how its a great tool for getting people/children interested in programming with a nice friendly IDE, and powerful yet simple language features.
  • Five things I don’t like about F# – Jim Burger talks about 5 things he finds annoying in the F# language. Some of them are gotchas which once you are aware of them become less important, others are more involved. Jim also looks at the ROI and business case for F# in his post Maybe F# isn’t for you… concluding that for Line of Business / Ecommerce perhaps its not, but there are plenty of other classes of application where it does apply, at least partially.
  • What’s so good about OpenRasta? – Garry Shutler talks about his growing love for the OpenRasta web framework, talking about some of the key principles it observes, and how they make it a good framework in his (and an ever increasing user base) mind.
  • Think You Know Javascript? Try this Quiz! – Ajaxian highlights a JavaScript quiz which will test your know how about some of the details of how JavaScript code operates, with 14 multiple choice questions each asking what will he output of a code snippet be.
  • Answering A C# Question – Jesse Liberty explores the reasons you might want to create an interface for use in your code, looking at abstraction, the ability to swap components, and moving on to Dependency Injection and Inversion of control.


  • Recording of James Gregory on Git @ E-VAN 08 February 2010 – The Europe Virtual ALT.NET team get the video of James Gregory’s introductory session on version control with Git online after the event on Monday. If, like me, you missed the actual event this is a great opportunity to catch up with what you missed.
  • Douglas Crockford: Crockford on JavaScript – Chapter 2: And Then There Was JavaScript – The Yahoo User Interface team make the second part of Douglas Crockford’s presentation on JavaScript available. This 90 minute video takes a look at the core of the JavaScript language, including features upto and including those from ECMAScript 5.
  • Introduction to FluentValidation – The Community For MVC.Net virtual community has a virtual presentation today at 1PM CST (evening here in the UK) from Jeremy Skinner who will be exploring the Fluent Validation library in use in ASP.NET MVC applications.
  • LinkedIn .NET User Group (LIDNUG) Presents Scott Guthrie – Zain Naboulsi highlights the Linked In .NET User Group’s 4th discussion event with Scott Guthrie. This event will be taking place tomorrow (11th Feb) at 10am PST (early evening in the UK), and Scott will once again be taking your questions in this Q&A session
  • Party with Palermo: MVP Summit 2010 – Red Robin, Bellevue, Feb 15, 7pm – Jeffrey Palermo is once again running his Party With Palermo event at the MVP summit later this month. If you are lucky enough to be attending the summit, or happen to be in the area this is sure to be a good event. Un-subsidised tickets for the event are not available, as are a number of general admission (no food included) tickets.