• How to Change .NET Configuration Files at Runtime (including for WCF) – Youssef Moussaoui looks at how you can have a running application pickup changes to its configuration file by using the RefreshSection method of the Configuration Manager, allowing your changes to take effect without a restart of the process.
  • Constructor over-injection smell – follow up – Jeffrey Palermo follows up on his Constructor Injection Anti-Pattern post with a more gentle titled post responding to the feedback received. This post includes a more comprehensive example which aims to show the pain that can be caused by this code smell
  • What’s the difference between a destructor and a finalizer? – Eric Lippert continues his series of ‘what’s the difference’ posts with a look at the meaning of destructor and finalizer and how they relate to the C# and CLR specifications for such things.
  • Much Ado About Monads – Creating Extended Builders Part II – Matthew Podwysock posts the second part of his Extended Builders posts looking this time at exception and resource handling for the custom computation expressions and the methods you can implement for this.
  • Is my code Fluent? – Joe takes a look at the concept and definition of a Fluent Interface showing the implementation and use of a simple example of a fluent interface which fits this definition
  • 18 Questions to ask yourself when choosing continuous integration and build automation tools – Roy Osherove shares some questions that he feels are important in helping to decide what CI and build automation tool to use. Some of these are the obvious ones (Cost, support) where as others highlight areas where tools differ greatly.
  • Removing Invalid OpCodes From Obfuscated Assemblies – Paul Mason continues with his series of posts looking at building the NCloak code obfuscator, and in this part looks at the use of invalid opcodes and how they can cause problems, and how you can remove them.
  • Sorted with F# custom operators – Phillip Trelford looks for a use of the F# custom operator functionality and comes up with a football (soccer for those in the US) related example to perform custom sorting on sets of data
  • Server-side resizing with WPF: now with JPG – Bertrand Le Roy’ follows on from his experiments with using WPF to perform image manipulation rather than GDI+ with a look at outputting in JPEG format, comparing the quality with the PNG output.
  • Advanced StructureMap: Diagnosing problems – Jimmy Bogard takes a look at diagnosis processes for StructureMap configuration problems, looking at how you can test the configuration using automated tests, and looks at how you can perform simple diagnostics using StructureMap functions to gain better insight at what is going on
  • Why ASP.NET MVC 2 is Broken – Steve Mason posts about some of the parts of ASP.NET MVC2 which he feels are underdeveloped, or not quite ready for use, discussing those bits of functionality and doing a good job of updating the post with information as others respond to it. Interesting reading.
  • The many cases of ByRef – Jared Parsons looks at the different forms that the CLR support for ByRef arguments can come in


  • Architecture Analysis Webcast 9am Friday – Jeffrey Palermo highlights a webcast event from the International Association of Software Architects which is being held today at 9:00 AM CST. This session will focus on some of the fundamentals of architecture focusing on ayering and dependency breaking