Looks like the .NET world has been busy over the Christmas break…


  • Now Available: Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Virtual Machines with Sample Data – Brian Keller highlights updated Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 virtual machines for HyperV, Virtual PC 2007 and Windows 7 Virtual PC. Also available are virtual machine instances of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2.
  • Introducing MarkdownSharp – Jeff Atwood announces the release of MarkDownSharp, a C# server side implementation of the MarkDown markup language under an open source license
  • Json.NET 3.5 Release 6 Binary JSON (BSON) support – James Newton-King announces the latest release of Json.NET 3.5, bringing support for reading and writing Binary JSON format data, removing dependency on the Entity Framework, automatic serialization of DataSets and DataTables, along with improved FAQ documentation
  • SharpTestsEx 1.0.0Beta : Satisfy your test – Fabio Maulo announces the release of SharpTestsEx 1.0.0 Beta. SharpTestsEx aims to bring a set of extensible extensions to testing which allow assertions to be written in a concise expressive manner using IDE intellisense as a guide using a fluent interface.



  • The cloud silver bullet – ThoughtWorks kick off their 2010 Manchester GeekNights events series with Chris Read talking about cloud computing, and event to be held in Manchester UK on 21st January 2010. These ThoughtWorks events are a great way to meet developers from right across the technical spectrum