• Cool Things to Do with Dynamics in dotNET 4 – Kevin Jones takes a look at some of the fun things that can be done using the new dynamic support in C#4 looking at how you can interact with the resolver which resolves calls on a dynamic object allowing you to provide methods at runtime with an example based on reading some XML.
  • Property Copying With Dynamic Objects in .NET 4.0 – Joel Holder also explores dynamic functionality with a look at creating an expando object which allows for setting property names at runtime allowing that object to copy properties from another object. This uses similar techniques to the previous post and serves as another good sample.
  • How QuickNet Found 2 Bugs That You And I Didn’t – Davy Brion talks about his use of the QuickNet Property based testing library in his test for his Agatha Project, and how it help uncover some bugs that he doubts would be found using other testing strategies.
  • [Video] Spark View Engine Part 2 – Mike Ormond shares the second part of his Video series on the Spark view engine for ASP.NET MVC, and promises part 3 in the new year
  • AutoMapper DSL design post-mortem – Jimmy Bogard talks about some of the things he wishes he had done differently in his AutoMapper project, looking at a few aspects of the way the DSL is constructed and the configurations created.
  • POCO Proxies Part 1 – Jeff Derstadt & Diego Vega of the Entity Framework Team start a 2 part series looking at the Proxy support in Entity Framework 4, and how the proxies allow for functionality such as lazy load to be added to the POCO class implementations.
  • My favorites .Net development toolkits – Dody Gunawinata shares an excelent link list to .NET Development Toolkits classified into various types, including but not limited to Scripting, database, serializers, Workflow, infrastructure, testing, etc. Some of them will be familiar, the rest look like they will be worth checking out.
  • Using RestSharp to consume RESTful Web Services – Michael Stum shows how the RestSharp library helps make consuming RESTful web services easier from C# illustrating with a simple example consuming a search serivce
  • How to mock extension methods – Daniel Cazzulino talks about how he organises his extension methods to avoid API explosion on root types, and shows how this can help in providing means of mocking the extension methods.
  • Guided Tour: jQuery – Array wannabes – Sergio Pereira continues his series of posts looking at the innards of the jQuery library with a look at some array based code.
  • Understanding The Application Controller Through Object Messaging Patterns – Derick Bailey looks at the relationship between code patterns and the messaging based equivalents, along with providing some help in deciding which to use. Sample applications code is also provided to further illustrate the ideas in this post
  • The Static Spider Web Pattern – Justin Etheredge takes a sarcastic look at a common (anti) pattern in application development where the whole application is based around static objects