Last post of the 400’s today, and I have to confess I’ve not prepared much special for the big 500 tomorrow, but there are still a few hours for some plans to fall into place.


  • Nine Months Later: Mono 2.6 and MonoDevelop 2.2 – Miguel de Icaza highlights the release of Mono 2.6 and MonoDevelop 2.2, the latest major release from the Mono Project. Mono 2.6 boasts WCF client and server at the Silverlight 2.0 level, Linq to SQL, support for MSBuild projects, along with performance optimisations and a reduction in size. MonoDevelop 2.2 now has support for ASP.NET MVC, numerous UI improvements, T4 processor support, Mac and Windows support, new refactoring features, a new debugger and is now licensed as LGPLv2 and MIT X11



  • A List Apart: The Survey, 2009 – A List Apart are running their anual survey for web developers looking at the state of the industry, how you work, your level of skills, and how you go about your business. The results from this survey have made interesting reading in the past, and if you work in a ‘people who make websites’ role I urge you to fill it out.