• StatLight – Goes Open Source – Jason Jarrett releases StatLight, his ‘for-sale’ Silverlight automated testing tool which supports Test and Behaviour driven development, as open source with the code hosted on CodePlex


  • XSS Attack your database to detect missing Output Encoding – ‘Corneliu’ highlights the common security flaw of Cross Site Scripting, and shows how an automated tool can help you test places where you are displaying un-encoded strings in your application based on data sourced from the database. The tool ‘vandalises’ your data in the the database meaning that any un-encoded strings will result in message boxes being displayed.
  • The File System is unpredictable – Jared Parsons talks about how it is best to consider the File System as a multi threaded object with no good synchronisation methods available, talking about some of the things that can go wrong when working with files.
  • Clarified CQRS – Udi Dahan sets out to clarify the meaning of CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Separation) looking at the real meaning (minus any preconceptions from other architectures), and shows where it connects to other patterns
  • Demystifying LINQ Aggregates – Malisa Ncube explores the use of Linq Aggregation functions with a number of simple worked examples showing the different ways of achieving aggregated results in different scenarios
  • Constraints are not part of the signature – Eric Lippert explores another intreging compiler behaviour, this time surrounding the compilers job of determining which overload of a static method should be called when there are generic constraints
  • Resizing images from the server using WPF/WIC instead of GDI+ – Bertrand Le Roy shows how you can use WPF to resize images in a better way than GDI+, and looks at the output and relative performance compared to GDI+
  • 12 Days of RIA – Day 1 – Solution – John Pelak begins a series (already up to part 4, check out the other posts on this blog) building a real world Line of Business application using the RIA services and Silverlight in Visual Studio 2010
  • Domain-Driven Documentation – Richard Dingwall talks about how the expression of requirements in the Domain Driven Development (Evans) style can help you in your more general documentation to craft documentation which is clear and consistent.
  • The Siege Project: Siege.ServiceLocation, Part 3 – Extending the container with custom use cases – Marcus Bratton looks at how he provides for extensibility of the container implementation in his Siege.ServiceLocation project.
  • Castle Windsor new feature – dynamic parameters from registration site – Krzysztof Kozmic shows a new feature of Castle Windsor which allows you to register components which take dependency on a parameter which needs to be populated with a dynamic value without having to wrap the value provider as a service.
  • Are Extension Methods a Code Smell – Kevin Jones discusses why extension methods may be a code smell, rather than a nice language feature
  • C# regions sure can be useless – Jeff Wilcox briefly touches on why #regions are a rather pointless feature when used in common ways. Ben Hall also shows some great examples of #region in his posts This is why I hate regions and More amazing region examples