This morning saw the first signs of Winter arriving with our first real frost, and thankfully this morning also sees the arrival of a central heating engineer to replace my boiler – looking forward to some warmth this evening.


  • jQuery Snippets for Visual Studio 2010 – John Sheehan shares 131 jQuery code snippets along with an installer to install them into Visual Studio 2010 adding some useful speedups when working with jQuery. Checkout the site for the full list of snippets.
  • Release: Validation Plugin 1.6 – Jörn Zaefferer announces the release of an update for the jQuery Validation Plugin adding 5 more localisations taking the total to 26, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements
  • VsVim Update Released (Version 0.5.2) – Jared Parsons releases the latest update to his Visual Studio Vim emulation which adds improved key mapping support which helps avoid conflicts between Visual Studio and the VIM commands.
  • Uploaded ASP Classic Compiler Version to – Li Chen releases a bugfix release of this Classic ASP compiler which takes VBScript powered Classic ASP and turns it into .NET code running on the CLR. This release fixes a few bugs, and the post has a few details of some of the difficulties being encountered adding debugging support