• Agatha 1.0 Beta 2 Is Out – Davy Brion announces the release of the second beta of Agatha 1.0, the open source version of his workplaces Request Response Service Layer implementation, with improvements to logging, IOC support, examples and the introduction of Unity support for both standard and Silverlight.
  • T4MVC 2.6: MVC 2 Areas support – David Ebbo announces the 2.6 release of his T4 Template linrary for ASP.NET MVC which introduces support for MVC2 areas allowing you to break up your application into a related sections each having their own models, controllers and views


  • Microsoft AJAX CDN – Now with SSL Support – ScottGu highlights the new support for SSL connections on the Microsoft AJAX CDN which hosts common JavaScript files in the cloud for you to utilise in your sites for improved performance and reliability. The introduction of SSL support now means that the CDN can be utilised for parts of your site which run under SSL without any securiity warnings
  • T4 Toolbox: Automatic Template Transformation – Oleg Sych looks at making T4 templates automatically re-generate when one of the files they are based on changes ensuring the generated output is always up to date, making use of the Visual Studio Custom Tool Support
  • Custom value types are like buses – Jon Skeet talks about the proliferation of value type objects which have been created for his porting Joda Time to .NET
  • Paging Records Sucks – Use jQuery to Scroll Just In Time – Rob Conery shows how you can easily implement infinite scrolling in your applications to avoid the ‘next page’ pattern, and improve your user experience using ASP.NET MVC and some jQuery
  • CQRS – Trying to make it re-usable – Mark Nijhof talks about his efforts to make his Command Query Responsibility Separation sample reusable, and along the way discusses Convention over Configuration
  • BDD with MSpec and Rhino Auto Mocks (part 3) – Jon Hilton continues series of posts on BDD with the MSpec library and Rhino Mocks. In this 3rd part he look at the context and creating the mocks and stubs and setting expectations using Rhino Mocks
  • Wrapping up the StructureMap Automocking Container – Richard Cirerol looks at wrapping up the StructureMap automocking container into a more intention revealing interface for use with his MSpec Tests
  • From Go to Deploy, hosting your website and data on Azure "How To" – Greg Duncan highlights a nice piece from Brandon Werner which runs through the process of setting up a personal ASP.NET MVC based site on the Azure cloud using a nice step by step process
  • MEF has landed in Silverlight 4. We come in the name of extensibility – Glenn Block gives the low down on what the Managed Extensibility Framework being included in Silverlight 4 means for developers of RIA applications, giving some nice simple explanations of some of the core concepts
  • Integrating Your IOC Container With Agatha – Davy Brion talks about the work he has done in Agatha to allow it to work with your IOC Container of choice, along with the reasons he didn’t use the Common Service Locator, and how he ended up achieving this support
  • Albacore: All A-Twitter With A New Logo, Tag Line, And URL – Derick Bailey talks about some of the non-code recent developments on the Albacore project (.NET Tasks for Rake) including a new website, discussion group and logo
  • IIS URL Rewrite – rewriting non-www to www – Scott Forsyth looks at using the IIS7 URL Rewrite tool to redirect users who forget the www. at the start of a websites URL to the full URL looking at a couple of ways of achieving the same effect
  • Database Change Management with Tarantino – Ryan Kelley runs through his setup of the Tarantino Database Change Management tool to help solve his database versioning problems (which probably closely match your database versioning problems too)
  • Git guts: Merging and rebasing – James Gregory continues his series of posts looking at the Git version control tool and how it works. This part takes a look at the merging functionality of Git