I had a great time at SQLbits this weekend in South Wales, it was nice to meet up with friends old and new, and to learn a thing or two about SQL along the way. Congratulations to the organisers for another excellent event.


  • MockingBird v1 RTM – Santosh Benjamin announces the release of MockingBird V1, a set of tools for mocking web services, providing a useful tool for testing, and for developing against web services based on WSDL alone with no concrete implementation.
  • Lot’s of new software for IIS, ASP.NET, AJAX and PHP this week – ‘BillS’ highlights a number of releases from PDC week for the Microsoft Web Platform, including a number of IIS add-ins and some PHP on Windows related additions
  • TestApi v0.4 Released! – Ivo Manolov announces the release of TestApi v0.4 a collection of test supporting Apis, and the 0.4 release brings a number of new APIs for detecting memory leaks, object comparison, test text string generation.
  • PDC09 Session Downloader – Frank La Vigne shares a simple tool to download all the PDC videos from the PDC site. The program offers limited support for resuming, as it will download any missing files without overwriting any existing files. Bear in mind that these videos are pretty big, so ensure you are on a fast unmetered connection before downloading. Frank has also released the PDC09 Downloader Source Code for his program
  • IronRuby – Release: 1.0 RC1 – The IronRuby Team release V1.0 RC1 on CodePlex. This release. So far I’ve only seen mention of this release on Twitter, so don’t have any details of what is new / changed in this release
  • T4MVC 2.5.01: added support for Html.RenderAction and Html.Action – David Ebbo releases the latest minor update to his T4 Template Library for ASP.NET MVC which adds in support for the two new ASP.NET MVC 2 beta features Html.RenderAction and Html.Action



  • LIDNUG: Online chat with me Monday Nov 23rd – Scott Guthrie highlights the Linked In .NET User Group’s virtual event to be held today 11:30am PST where Scott will be talking about the new things announced at PDC, and will be taking questions on anything.