Slightly less PDC content than I was expecting today, no real announcements, just more detail about what has been release.

I’m really looking forward to the SQLBits goes west community event this weekend – if you happen to spot me there please come over and say Hi.


  • Videos :: Microsoft PDC09 – Videos from a number of the sessions at PDC are available on the PDC website for on demand viewing mostly in WMV and WMV High quality formats with the odd one in MP4. Slide decks are also available for most.
  • ASP.NET MVC 2 Custom Validation – Phil Haack continues his series of posts looking at the new features of the ASP.NET MVC 2 Beta released at PDC. In this post Phil explores custom validation using a worked example to show how you can build attributes to implement your validation rules and how the framework utilises them. Phil Haack is also the featured guest on show 188 of Hanselminutes where Scott Hanselman talks with him about the beta release
  • News on the ASP.NET Ajax Library Beta – James Senior highlights the release of the ASP.NET Ajax Library Beta and discusses how this is the first Microsoft project contributed to the CodePlex Foundation, how the Ajax Control Toolkit was merged into the ASP.NET Ajax Library, and the future of the library. James also points at a number of other posts about the various features the library offers
  • Silverlight 4 beta released at #PDC09 – Laurent Bugnion talks about the Silverlight 4 Beta and the new features and asks a question that is on most peoples lips – ‘what happens with WPF?’
  • Rundown of Silverlight 4 Beta Features and 6 Hands on Labs – Adam Kinney highlights 6 newly posted hands on labs for Silverlight 4 features such as the WebCam support, image browser, out of browser, and rich text editor.
  • Using WIF on a WCF Client – The “Geneva” Team Blog discusses the use of Windows Identity Framework (WIF) with Windows Communicator Foundation (WCF), looking at the extensions that have been made for working with Security Token Services
  • The PDC Is Over; Here Comes the SDP – Sasha Goldshtein provides an index post to all his PDC session postings and highlights the Sela Developer Practice, an Israel based event in December which aims to bring the content of PDC to Israeli developers
  • Silverlight 4 Security Overview White Paper – Nick Kramer shares a white paper on the security implementation in Silverlight 4 which discusses the way security is implemented along with a glimpse into the reasoning for the way certain features work.




  • Developer Day Scotland 2010 – Scottish Developers announce the free Developer Day Scotland event for 2010 to be held on the 8th May 2010 at Glasgow Caledonian University. Along with announcing the event the are also issuing a call for speakers for the event so iof you want to present get your sessions abstracts in. I attended last year’s event and enjoyed it immensly
  • Europe Virtual ALT.NET: Recording of Mark Nijhof on CQRS @ E-VAN 18 November 2009 – Jan Van Ryswyck makes available the recording of the Virtual European Alt.Net Meeting from earlier this week where Mark Nijhof spoke about Command Query Responsibility Segregation