PDC ramps up today, so in preparation for a deluge of PDC related posts I’ve broken out the special Section today with a couple of warm up posts



  • Uploaded Asp Classic Compiler Build – Li Chen announces the latest release of the Classic ASP compiler which builds Classic ASP written in VBScript into .NET assemblies. This release includes some of the ground work for better mapping from the generated code back to the original classic ASP which will form the basis of debugger support
  • Converting .dbp files to .dbproj files – Patrick Sirr shares a simple tool that will convert .dbp database projects to the new .dbproj file format used in Visual Studio 2010. Full source and executable version available
  • Text Sharp – Visual Studio 2010 text clarity tuner – This neat little Visual Studio 2010 addin allows you to control the text rendering of the text in the new WPF Editor, hopefully providing an improvement for those who have found the text to be too fuzzy in the new editor
  • p&p’s Web Client Guidance drop is out! – Julian Dominguez highlights the latest drop of the Patterns and Practices Web Client Guidance which includes guidance and infrastructure for developing ASP.NET Web Forms, Ajax applications, along with MVC and jQuery
  • T4MVC 2.5.00 update: multiple output files and minified javascript support – David Ebbo announces version 2.5 of his T4 Template library for ASP.NET MVC. This release contains a number of new features suggested and assisted by the community including the ability to generate multiple files, along with JavaScript minification



  • Alt.NET Bristol Beers #3 – Guy Smith-Ferrier announces the 3rd Alt.Net Bristol Beers event to be held on Tuesday 8th December 2009 at The Portcullis in Bristol