Expecting this week to be a busy one with PDC being held this week.


  • Linq to Sql Profiler is now on public beta – Ayende announces the first beta release of Linq to Sql Profiler, a profiler for the Microsoft Linq to Sql ORM which works in a similar fashion to his NHibernate Profiler
  • November 2009 Release of the Windows Azure Tools and SDK – Sam Gentile highlights the release of the latest Azure tools and SDK. This November release fully supports Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 and Visual Web Developer Express 2010 Beta 2, along with a number of other changes, enhancements and new features
  • RoundhousE DB Migration: Action Shots – Rob Reynolds shows off RoundHousE, an open source database deployment tool, available as a source distribution, which looks like it has a number of useful features and safegards for manipulating database schema using assisted SQL scripts