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  • Some New Software Security Tools for Web Developers (CTP Releases) – Mark Curphey shares the latest CTP updates on three Microsoft Security tools, CAT.NET 2.0, the code analysis tool which scans your assmeblies for Cross site scripting, SQL Injection, etc. WACA 1.0 (Web Application Configuration Analyzer) which looks for configuration security isues, and WPL 1.0 (Web Protection Library) which combines several runtime security modules
  • SQL Server Management Studio now supports SQL Azure – Eric Nelson highlights the new release of Sql Server Management Studio (for SQL 2008 R2) which now supports SQL Azure and is available in 32 and 64 bit versions.


  • Migration from ASP.NET WebForms to ASP.NET MVC – Developer Art gives a nice overview of the key things to consider when migrating from ASP.NET WebForms to ASP.NET MVC, talking about the differences in behaviour between the two platforms, and soem of the working practices you need to adopt
  • Request/Response Service Layer: Exposing The Service Layer Through WCF – Davy Brion continues his series on the Request Response Service Layer with a look at putting his service layer out there via WCF, with plenty of illustrating code
  • Including ad-hoc specifications in your test report – Thomas Weller shares a useful tip about including additional documents in your test reports when using Gallio/MbUnit 3.1. Thomas uses this technique to include details of the specification being implemented and tested by a particular test
  • .NET 4.0 is so Lazy – Fredrik Normén shares a really concise example of the use of the new .NET 4 Lazy<T> feature
  • Coding: Pushing the logic back – Mark Needham talks about refactoring business logic code back into business objects along with the tell don’t ask, single responsibility principle and law of demeter development principles
  • ASP.NET MVC wins with simplicity, not features – Jeffrey Palermo talks about why he considers that ASP.NET MVC will win out over WebForms in the long term, and how community support will be the key factor
  • Chasing the SQL Injection that never was – Ayende discovers an interesting feature of the Entity framework in how it handles queries with constant expressions
  • Transparency Models: A Tale of Two Levels – ‘shawnfa’ continues this series of posts on the security transparency model in .NET 4 with a look at the two levels of the security transparency model which cover rules in the V2 model and rules in the V4 model


  • LIDNUG: Scott Guthrie Talks Shop – Scott Guthrie will be speaking and answering questions at a virtual Linked In .Net Usergroup meeting on the 23rd November. The time for this event has changed and is now 30 minutes later than originally planned, at 11:30am PST