I managed to mess up the numbering of yesterday’s post, so today’s edition is 474 (which for some may seem to be the same as yesterdays number). Sorry for any confusion caused by my double addition yesterday.


  • Bing Maps Silverlight Control 1.0 Released – Chris Pendleton, Bing Maps tecnical evangelist highlights the release of the Bing Maps Silverlight Control 1.0 bringing a number of great features to the mapping, along with the nice user experience of the Silverlight rendering and interaction with the maps
  • Compatible with Windows 7 Software Logo Toolkit Goes RTM – Bruce D. Kyle highlights the RTM release of the Windows 7 Software Logo Toolkit, a kit which aims to help ISVs get their software Windows 7 logo approved. Bruce also outlines the process of achieving logo status
  • Mono Tools for Visual Studio – Miguel de Icaza talks about the release of Mono Tools for Visual Studio, bringing tool support within Visual Studio to deploy Mono applications to Linux, including support for Winforms, ASP.Net and console applications, along with remote debugging support, portability reviews, packaging for Linux and support for generating appliances
  • Free ASP.NET 4 and VS 2010 Beta Hosting to help you get up to FOUR ! : Misfit Geek – Joe Stagner highlights a beta offering from the web hosting company MaximumASP, giving free ASP.NET 4 enabled hosting accounts, allowing you to get started and deploy .NET 4 powered apps


  • Interface Inheritance Esoterica – Phil Haack explores some of the deeper aspects of inheritance, looking at the difference between instance and interface inheritance, and how this can have an effect on what happens when you reflect on types, along with the implication for ASP.NET MVC Model Binding
  • Adding Microsoft Bing Maps to your Web Applications – ‘Dr. Z’ takes a look at using the new Silverlight Bing Maps control to add mapping to your applications, be they web pages or Silverlight applications.
  • Calling the Google Closure Javascript Compiler – Code – Kim shares the code discussed in the post linked from Monday’s Morning Brew looking at combining Google’s Closure Compiler with Visual Studio
  • Patterns for Parallel Programming with the .NET Framework – Stephen Toub explores the various common patterns for working in a parallel way using .NET, exploring Parallel loopsm Mapreduce, Aggregations, Lazyness, shared state and much more in this 100+ page white paper
  • Code Contracts Preview: Assert & Assume – Dino Esposito continue exploring Code Contracts in his DotNetSlackers article series. This part looks at the use of Contact.Assert and Contract.Assume, and the design implications of using them in your applications
  • A Move Into The Cloud Is Inevitable – Justin Etheredge discusses the topic of cloud computing, following on from discussions at his local Software Craftmanship Group
  • C# FileAssociation class – Aidan F provides a simple snippet of code which allows you to configure file associations to associate certain file extensions with your applications.
  • Request/Response Service Layer: Processing Requests – Davy Brion continues his series on the Request Response service layer with a look at the processing of requests in this post, and
  • Handling Requests – in his next part. Both posts have a healthy amount of code showing some rela implementation details, including addressing some of the cross cutting concerns
  • ExifLibrary for .NET – Ozgur Ozcitak shares a useful library for reading EXIF image information data from image files, along with a discussion of the format of EXIF data


  • GL.net – GL.net Group Meeting #11 – Wednesday 9th December sees the 11th meeting of the Gloucestershire .NET User Group, with a presentation on unit testing and Mocking from Ronnie Barker and Stephen Oakman of The Agile Workshop. I had the pleasure of chatting with both of these guys at the Alt.Net UK conference earlier this year, and they are both very knowledgeable on all things agile, so this is bound to be a good session
  • Gabriel Schenker introduction to NHibernate and Fluent NHibernate. – The Virtual Alt.Net Usergroup has a presentation from Gabriel Schenker this evening 8pm GMT-6, so one targeted for US developers (and those in the UK with strange sleeping habits). Like previous talks I expect that a recording will be made available after the event.
  • Brighton ALT.NET Beers – Notes from November meet-up – Iain Holder shares his notes from last weeks Alt.Net Beers event in Brighton. Sharing the details of what goes on at these events is a really good idea, both for people from other areas to pick up on topics, and also for showing people who may be interested in attending what they can expect