• ASP.Net MVC Portable Areas – Part 2 – Eric Hexter continues with his series of posts looking at implementing Portable Areas in ASP.NET MVC using the MvcContrib library, in this part looking at the actual construction of a portable area sample
  • New article: How to detect and avoid memory and resources leaks in .NET applications – Fabrice Marguerie highlights his latest article available in both French and English, published on MSDN in English and DotNetGuru in French. This article takes a look at what memory leask are, how to sport them, common causes, how to fix them and tools and resources to find out more.
  • Using ASP.NET and Jcrop to crop images online – Gunnar Peipman shares some simple Javascript and ASP.NET Code to allow you to easily crop images from within a Web Applciation using the JCrop library for jQuery
  • Simple names are not so simple – Eric Lippert takes us on a tour of some of the rules about where and when you can name a variable, revisiting the concepts of declaration space and scope and showing some examples of the stranger things that can happen
  • Free eBook – Introducing Windows Server 2008 R2 – Matt McSpirit highlights a free e-book of ‘Introducing Windows Server 2008 R2’ from Microsoft Press, allowing you to get up to date with the latest Server class OS from Microsoft
  • What kind of logging should you do in production? – Ayende talks about the types of logging he uses in production applications, and how it depends on the type of application and the support levels of the application as to how much logging he includes and how that logging is presented
  • An xVal Provider For NHibernate Validator – Scott Kirkland shares an xVal provider for the NHibernate Validator allowing the NHibernate validator metadata to be used
  • An Introduction to Fluent Interfaces & Internal DSLs in C# – Steven Holdsworth shares a simple introduction to the concepts of Fluent Interfaces and Internal DSLs with a simple code example to illustrate, showing that these concepts don’t have to be big and complicated
  • WCF 101: The Simplest WCF Example You’ll Ever See – Youssef Moussaoui shares the simples possible WCF example, so short it easily fits on a single screen and shows how WCF is another technology which doesn’t have to be complicated
  • Introduction to the Reactive Framework Part II – Matthew Podwysocki continues his series on the Reactive Framework with a look at the duality of Enumerable and Observable
  • WF4 Beta1 => Beta2 Breaking Changes Document Published – Matt Winkle highlights a document from Microsoft which outlines the changes that have been made to the Windows WorkFlow implementation between Beta 1 and Beta 2 of .NET 4
  • Unit testing ASP.NET MVC routes – Thomas Weller takes a look at unit testing his ASP.NET MVC Routes, showing why this can be hard to achieve, and how ASP.NET MvcContrib and a custom base class can make the process easier
  • NHibernate feature: SaveOrUpdateCopy & Merge – Torkel Ödegaard explores two of the less well know NHibernate persistence methods, SaveOrUpdateCopy and Merge, showing how they can be used and what situations they suit
  • Lifting T out of Task with dynamic dispatch – Joe Duffy takes a look at using Tasks to generate an object and then calling a method, showing how traditionally this would result in you blocking until the taks completed, and looks at an alternative way of doing this using the C#4 Dynamic support
  • Search and Messaging – Udi Dahan talks about the use of Messaging to perform searches, and how it can be a suitable fit to the problem