• The HornGet Project: Bringing "apt-get install" to .NET Projects – Billy McCafferty highlights the HornGet Project, an excellent utility which enables you to get the latest versions of dependencies for various .NET OSS projects. I first saw this in operation at the Alt.NET UK conference this year, and agree with Billy, it really is great.
  • ASP.NET MVC 2 Templates, Part 4: Custom Object Templates – Brad Wilson presses on with his series of posts on ASP.NET MVC2 Template with part 4 looking at Custom Object Templates, and part 5 exploring
  • Master Page Templates
  • LINQ Overview, part three (Anonymous Types) – ‘.NET Nomad’ picks up a slow burning series with a new post on typing, the var keyword and anonymous types, looking at how these support Linq
  • HTML5, a 3 minute guide – Leon Bambrick shares a simple example of HTML5, showing how it compares to the HTML we are familiar with and summaries some of the key differences.
  • Running Mono – an Overview – Pedro Santos gives an overview of how a recent project which was deployed on Mono worked, talksing about the setup of the server, and some of the issues they ran into with the applications
  • Coding: Consistency when invariant checking – Mark Needham cals for consistency in the way we go about checking invariants in our code, and talks about situations which can give rise to inconsistencies in these checks
  • It’s all about the delivery – Hadi Hariri talks about how important the delivery of the ideas and concepts of programming can be in influencing how developers adopt and react to new techniques, exploring an alternative way to introduce dependency injection
  • Mentoring Juniors – A Juniors view – Sara Stephens talks about her experiences as a junior developer being mentored by more senior staff, explaining what worked well / not so well in the process. Its nice to see this from the other side as so many articles are from the Point of view of the senior staff member, not the junior
  • Building a Service Gateway Using MassTransit, Part 2 – Chris Patterson continues his series looking at building a service gateway implementation using C#, MassTransit, NHibernate and ASP.NET MVC
  • I have a Fit, but a lack of Focus. – Eric Lippert talks about ReferenceEquals with a real work illustration of how it works


  • Next European VAN on 18 November 2009 – The next European Virtual Alt.Net meeting will be 18th November 2009 featuring Mark Nijhof looking at DDD/CQRS/SOA principles with a deep dive into the code of his CQRS sample application