• Entirely unobtrusive and imperative templates with Microsoft Ajax Library Preview 6 – Bertrand Le Roy explores the newly improved Microsoft Ajax Library Templating support from preview 6, showing how the new imperative style makes life easier
  • Using the New Microsoft Ajax Minifier – Stephen Walther digs deeper on the newly release Microsoft Ajax Minifier, showing how you can include the minifier in your build process via command line tool or Visual Studio build task
  • T4 template consuming a WCF service – Abhijeet Patel shows an interesting technique for working with an un-friendly web service interface by combining WCF with T4 Templating to create a means to converting a web service dictionary response to a structured class.
  • Test Review: MEF – Roy Osherove takes a look behind the tests of another well known project offering his critique of test of the Managed Extensibility Framework (20 min video)
  • NHibernate Shards: Progress Report – Ayende gives an update on the progress being made on the NHibernate implementation of Sharding which allows your entities to seamlessly be stored in multiple databases / servers and be brought together by the library for use in your code without you even knowing.
  • Inversion Of Control, Single Responsibility Principle and Nikola’s laws of dependency injection – Nikola Malovic offers up and discusses a set of rules for Inversion of control use and how to spot when you may be violating the Single Responsibility Principle
  • MSDN.COM Refresh! – Lisa Feigenbaum highlights the newly released design refresh of the MSDN content pages. This redesign has been featured before on the Morning Brew, but has now gone world-wide and been applied to all the MSDN dev centres
  • Introducing the Documentation tab for CodePlex projects – Sara Ford talks about the latest release of the CodePlex Software which powers the CodePlex site. This release brings about a new tab in the User Interface allowing documentation to be specifically located for each project.
  • My Logic Is Undeniable : Why Not ICloneable<T>? – ‘chrimart’ talks about the possibility for a generic IClonable interface exploring some of the limitations of generic interfaces along the way
  • My History of Visual Studio (Part 9) – Rico Mariani wraps up his series of posts on Visual Studio for the time being with a look at the post Whidbey to Visual Studio 2010 time frame
  • SlimList – ‘aspdotnetdev’ shares an implementation of List which consumes less memory, and explores the related algorithms to show how it is achieved in this Code Project Article
  • Coding: Role based interfaces – Mark Needham discusses how you can support different user interfaces for users in different roles using the MVC pattern
  • Is Functional Abstraction Too Clever? – Keith Dahlby questions if a more functional style of code is sometimes too clever following on from a Stack Overflow question which he proposed a functional style answer. K. Scott Allen continues the discussion with his post What’s Wrong With This Code (#23).