• Microsoft SharedView 1.0 RTM/RTW – Greg Duncan highlights the RTW release of Microsoft SharedView, an easy to use screen sharing utility that allows up to 15 other people to view what is going on in your screen
  • Pex 0.18 Released: New Tutorials, Moles work with Visual Studio 2010 – Nikolai Tillmann talks about the release of Pex 0.18, a maintenance release fixign bugs and refining features. Significant in this release is support for Moles in Visual Studio 2010, and a number of new tutorials to help you get under-way with Pex
  • T4MVC 2.4.04 update: MVC 2 support, new settings, cleanup, fixes – David Ebbo makes a blog announcement about some of the recent improvements in his ASP.NET MVC Templates project T4MVC. This latest release includes support for ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 2 and improved output code quality


  • ASP.NET MVC 1.0 Scripts Available on Microsoft CDN – Phil Haack announces the inclusion of the ASP.NET MVC 1 common JavaScript files on the Microsoft Javascript CDN, meaning you can get the benefit more caching, additional hostnames (to allow more stuff to load concurrently) and the geographic distribution of the CDN to help your page loads
  • A generic way to find ASP.NET ClientIDs with jQuery – Rick Strahl shares a technique which can allow you to get the correct Id in your client side code using JQuery and ASP.NET Web forms
  • Thoughts on Choosing an ASP.NET MVC Book – David Hayden gives a quick summary of the 6 most common ASP.NET MVC books available today, along with links to other reviews of each book
  • More missing LINQ operators – Jimmy Bogard shares a few more ideas on methods that could be included in Linq but aren’t, along with shareing a simple test for each, and an extension method implementation.
  • F# First Class Events – Composing Events Until Others – Matthew Podwysocki returns to F# First Class Events one more time to look at an implementation of the until event combinator which fires events until another event fires.
  • There’s Only One Thing You Can Learn From Code Coverage – Davy Brion talks about the concept of code coverage as a metric, and argues that the only meaningful thing that can be derived is that when code coverage is low you have a problem
  • Required Validator For NHibernate Validators – Scott Kirkland talks about the NHibernate Validators project, and shares the details of implementing a new validator to provide required field validation.
  • CLR Team Blog : Automatically Capturing a Dump When a Process Crashes – Anton Tykhyy of the CLR Team show how you can configure the Just In Time Debugger to grab dumps as the process you care about crashes allowing you to be guaranteed good crash debug information with the minimal hassle
  • Gtk# for .Net Developers, part II – Louis Salin continues his series on GTK development from a .NET background with a look at the form layout capabilities of GTK
  • As Timeless As Infinity – Eric Lippert move onto a large concept, that of infinity, looking at how infinity is represented in the hardware and how you can end up with infinity as a result of your calculations