• RELEASE: v1.0 – Christian Weyer announces the release of the WCF port of the Web Services Contract First tool. This release includes data contract generators, a WSDL wizard, client proxy generation, code generation in C# and VB.Net, and much more
  • ScrewTurn Wiki 3.0 RTW – The ScrewTurn Wiki team announce the offical release of Version 3 of ScrewTurn Wiki, an open source .NET powered wiki solution created in .NET 3.5. The new release includes improved edting, permissions and search
  • Ajax Control Toolkit: new controls, bug fixes – Bertrand Le Roy highlights an updated release of the Ajax Control Toolkit, which includes bugfixes to existing controls along with new controls for SeaDragon deep zoom, Async File Upload
  • How to quickly debug a NUnit test in Visual Studio – Paul "Jonno" Johnson provides a simple means of running and debugging your NUnit Tests from within the Visual Studio IDE by way of a simple Add-in. The Addin is accompanied by a Code Project article explaining how it works.


  • MSDN Magazine: October 2009 Issue – The October Edition of MSDN Magazine is available on line now. This Month sees articles on the New VS2010 tools for SharePoint, SharePoint and OpenXML integration, Contract First Web Services, Event Tracing for Windows 7 Core Instrumentation events, and all the regular columns too.
  • DDD and relational databases – the value object dilemma – Gojko Adzic talks about the DDD concept of Value Objects, looking at the use (and also the absense of use) of this concept, and takes a look at the options for persisting the value object in the database
  • Web Application Toolkit for IE8 – Mike Ormond explores the Web Application Toolkit for IE8 which makes it easier to take advantage of the various new features of IE8 in your websites, providing easy means to create Search Extenders, Accelerators, WebSlices and Browser Helpers
  • Bugs, defects and feedback – Jimmy Bogard explores the concepts of Bugs, Issues, defects, and Feedback looking at the flow of these and defining the different terms
  • Why bugs don’t get fixed – Alan Page looks at a simple technique for determining the importance of a particular bug, and uses that to explain why it is sometimes the case that certain bugs don’t get fixed
  • Chain Of Command And Passing Parameters – Charles Chen explores the Chain Of Command Pattern, looking at its origins as the Chain of Responsibility and the Command Pattern, its applicability, and alo at how you can go about passing parameters through the flow
  • Dynamic in C# 4.0: Introducing the ExpandoObject – Alexandra Rusina of the C# team looks at the ExpandoObject and how it is used in Dynamic situations to allow methods to be added and removed
  • Introducing Project Niagara – Shawn Wildermuth introduces his new project ‘Niagara’ which aims to provide a means of providing the validation metadata to silverlight projects and to provide validation services for use in ADO.NET Data Services, Silverlight and Web services.
  • Introducing nRoute.Toolkit for Silverlight (Part I) – Rishi annaounces the nRoute.Toolkit project, which is a subset of what will be included in the full nRoute project, specifically aimed at Silverlight develoeprs providing Bindable Dependency Objects, Bindable Triggers, Actions and Behaviours for Expression Blend, Resource Locator, and much more. This post contains a detailed introduction to the range of features


  • Community For MVC.Net – October Live Meeting – Today sees the October live meeting of the Community For MVC.Net group. This month Jeffrey Palermo will be talking about the MVC Contrib Input Builders functionality. The Event starts at 12:00PM CST, so is early evening for UK/Europe based folks
  • SOA Patterns on the next E-VAN (Oct. 5th 2009) – Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz will be speaking at the next European Virtual Alt .Net usergroup meeting, talking about Service Oriented Architecture Patterns. The event kicks off at 7pm GMT (see the post for times in other time zones)
  • Northern Architecture Forum – Michael Stephenson highlights the Northern Architecture Forum which is being organised by Black Marble in the North of England. Scheduled for 3rd December this one sounds like an interesting event. Follow the link from the post for more details