I had an enjoyable day at the Manchester Guathon event yesterday, it was nice to put a few more names to faces, and to catch up with some older friends.


  • YUI 3.0.0: First GA Release of YUI’s Next-Generation Codeline – The Yahoo User Interface library team announce the general availability release of YUI 3.0.0, which is a ground up re-build of the YUI library, bringing a number of significant modernisations to the library including it being selector driven, small seed download which brings in the rest as needed, and support for sandboxing


  • And tonight on the History Channel, hummm, Channel 9: Visual Studio – Guy Barrette highlights a two part documentary produced for and available on Channel 9 which looks at the history of the Visual Studio product line.
  • Gtk# for .Net developers – Louis Salin takes a look at the GTK# library which is available on the Mono Platform and compares it with WinForms and looks at how you can go about getting started with it
  • Successive Method Calls With MoQ – Phil Haack looks at the incorrect and correct way of simulating multiple method calls to the same method with different return values using the Moq mocking framework
  • Pushing the Limits of Windows: Handles – Mark Russinovich continues his series on pushing the limit on Windows with a look at handles and objects, handle leaks and how you can track them using windbg
  • Choosing a Data Access Layer for Silverlight 3 – Shawn Wildermuth looks at the choices available for Data Access in your Silverlight 3 applications, giving the pros and cons of each data access strategy
  • Duct tape programmers – Joel Spolsky’s article on ‘The Duct Tape Programmer’ is still eliciting interesting responses from across the community. This response is Ayende’s (with a particularly amusing picture to end on), and Ship Software With Value is Tim Barcz’s response to the notion of ‘just ship it’. In Smart and gets things done *right* Scott C Reynolds looks at it from the point of view of a recovering duct tape programmer
  • LINQ to Z3 – Theorem Solving on Steroids – Part 1 – Bart De Smet shares another detailed post looking at theorem solving using the Z3 library, putting a Linq interface on top. I’m certainly going to have to read this one twice before I understand it, but it certainly looks interesting
  • Using App.config and System.Configuration – ?ukasz Kury?o shows how to use the System.Configuration namespace and the App.Config file to create your own custom configuration sections
  • Inane Generic Usage – Chris Eargle looks at the unnecessary use of generics that can sometimes occur when the developer doesn’t really understand what generics are all about.
  • Best Practices No 5: – Detecting .NET application memory leaks – Shivprasad koirala looks at how you can use some of the windows performance tools to help identify memory leaks in your applications, and using debugdiag to help focus in on the details in this Code Project article


  • Silverlight FireStarter sessions are online – Guy Barrette highlights the availability of recordings of the Silverlight FireStarter sessions from the event held in Redmond recently. All of the sessions are available, ranging from ScottGu’s keynote, through to the Q&A session with all the speakers