• IronPython 2.6 Release Candidate – Harry Pierson announces the Release Candidate release of IronPython 2.6, with the plan being that this will become the RTW official release in about a month. This release includes a number of great new features, bringing in Python 2.6 functionality, adaptive compilation and lightweight debugging, and 417 bug fixes.
  • MvcContrib released – Jeffrey Palermo announces the release of MvcContrib, which brings in all the patches released since March 2009 along with the work done by Eric Hexer on Opinionated Input Builders
  • Sharp Tests Ex 0.3.0 : fluent and lambda assertions for MsTests, NUnit and xUnit – Fabio Maulo announces the release of #TestsEx 0.3, a library of extensible extensions which work with a number of different testing frameworks (MSTest,NUnit, xUnit.Net, and others) to bring fluent and lambda assertions to these frameworks
  • PowerCommands for Reflector 1.1 – Jason Haley has added a further 5 commands to his Reflector PowerCommands library bringing the grand total to 20 commands. The new commands include a bookmark menu, and a number of commands to open files with other programs


  • The Benefit Of Attending User Group Meeting – Marlon Ribunal talks about the benefits of attending usergroup meetings, be they in person or virtual. This is something I feel quite passionate about, as usergroups are a really good way of meeting people who care about the same things as you do.
  • Entity Framework 4.0 Resources – documentation links, best blog posts and more – Eric Nelson is preparing for his sessions at the Software Architect conference, and has produced a great resource list of article, posts, documentation and best practices for the Entity Framework 4.0.
  • A basic introduction to the Unity Application Block – Giorgio Minardi takes a look at the Unity Application block, touches on the theories of Inversion of Control and dependency injection, and looks at the benefit of loosely coupled code in his example.
  • MultiBrowser or CrossBrowser Testing and deconstructing Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview – Scott Hanselman takes a look at the support in Expression Web for testing your web pages in multiple browsers, highlights the existence of the free Internet Explorer only version of SuperPreview, and looks at the other approaches to cross browser testing
  • A thread static instance? – Ayende sets another of his ‘What will happen when this runs’ code thought questions, this one looking at what would happen if you have a Thread Static instance variable
  • Simplicity in Design – Jon Dalberg talks about the Single Responsibility Principle, and look at applying it to ASP.NET MVC Global.asax and route registrations.
  • Prototype Design Pattern – ‘SmartAllen’ explores the Prototype design pattern, how it integrates with the Builder pattern to provide a means of copying an existing object
  • Albacore: A Suite Of Rake Build Tasks For .NET Solution – Derick Bailey announces his new project, to build a suite of Rake Build Tasks specifically for .NET solutions. The library currently contains two tasks, one for MSBuild and one for updating AssemblyInfo
  • Will Git Drive Open Source Contribution – Chris Missal looks at tha adoption of Git, how DCVS like Git offers certain benefits over traditional version control, and looks at the impact on the Open Source community