• Debugging your interaction with other people’s code – Reflector 6 is in EAP! – Alex Davies highlights the early access programme for Reflector 6, allowing you to get hold of some of the new debugging functionality it adds to Visual Studio before it goes into mainstream release
  • Chrome Frame: Inject Chrome into IE – Ajaxian highlights the Chrome Frame project which is a browser add-in for Internet Explorer which, dependent on a meta tag in the page, allows your page to be loaded and rendered by the Chrome engine rather than the IE engine.
  • web.config Security Analyzer – A useful looking utility which parses your web.config file looking for any setting which may result in a security vulnerabilities, now with a friendly GUI


  • Make BDD Your BFF – Rob Conery dips his toe into the Behaviour Driven Design world and shares his experiences as a nice getting started guide to get you up and running with Machine Specifications (MSpec) and TestDriven.Net/Resharper, and writing some BDD tests
  • A Mess is not a Technical Debt. – (‘Uncle’) Bob Martin talks about the true meaning of the concept of Technical Debt, and also discusses technical mess, and how this is not proper technical debt despite many people using that term to cover it
  • Strongly Typed Session Variables in ASP.NET MVC – Patrick Steele looks at an alternative way of having strongly typed session based variables in both ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebForms
  • Viewstate length limitation via web.config – ‘eugene.K’ highlights a not particularly well known web.config setting which allows you to have viewstate broken up into multiple hidden fields. Also well worth checking out the rest of this blog for a large number of useful short How To articles.
  • A First Look at ASP.NET MVC 2 – Ben Scheirman introduces ASP.NET MVC 2 Preview 1 in this DotNetSlackers article. The article looks at the new release in the context of a sample scenario, exploring the new templating functionality and the new project areas to allow better organisation of your code
  • Two Chapters from Agile Estimating & Planning Available – Mike Cohn highlights the availability of two sample chapters from his forthcoming book on Agile Planning and estimating
  • SQL SERVER – How To Handle Deadlock – Nitin Chilka looks at some techniques you can use within TSQL to help avoid and handle deadlock situations in SQL Server in this CodeProject article
  • Programming for Absolute Beginners – Scott Hanselman gathers together a number of great resources for programming beginners to give them a good starting point on learning the craft of programming. While not necessarily directly useful to the readers of his (and my) blog it is the type of resource that comes in very handy when you get asked ‘so how do I learn to program?’