• MonoDevelop 2.2 Beta 1: We go cross platform – Miguel de Icaza announces the release of MonoDevelop 2.2 Beta 1, the release which takes MonoDevelop onto multiple platforms with support for Windows and MacOS as well as the originally supported Linux. This new release brings numerous new features including addins for ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight and IPhone Development.
  • News: New Free Tools from Telerik – Jose Rolando Guay Paz highlights the release of two Free TFS related tools from Telerik – TFS Work Item Manager and TFS Project Dashboard which work alongside your TFS installation


  • It’s Generic, not Multipurpose – Sergio Pereira looks at some possible misuses of Generics in APIs where strings or type objects may be better suited, and asks if API designers are too keen to use Generics when perhaps there are better solutions
  • How do you use Pex in Visual Studio? Your Input Is Needed! – Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux and the rest of the team behind Pex are looking for feedback about how people are using their creation, so if you are a Pex user, go give them 5 minutes to help them out.
  • Mocking, Stubs and Project NEric – Eric Nelson shares some useful definitions regarding Mock and stubs which may help clear the confusion about what they are
  • Rhino Mocks: Meaningful failure messages on expectations – Will Smith talks about a feature he would like to see in a future release of Rhino Mocks, but finds, after some experimentation, that his requirement can be satisfied in the platform as is.
  • Big Huge Objects and WCF – Kirstin Juhl shares some useful configuration settings for anyone dealing with large number and large object graphs in WCF Services
  • Adventures in System.Diagnostics – Ralph Wheaton shows some of the great features of the oft underused System.Diagnostics namespace, including the ability to log to different log destinations depending on the type doing the tracing or the level of the tracing call
  • .NET Naming Conventions – Josh Twist shares his .NET naming conventions and style in a very simple code based example – this is a really nice concise way of showing code style, and one I may be making use of in the future.
  • Should We Change the Way We Name Interfaces in .NET? – Russell Ball talks about an alternative to the IInterface naming convention taken from the Java world which expresses the interface as the key concept and the implementation class as a second class citizen (in naming terms)
  • MSDN Mag: Parallel Debugging in VS2010 – Daniel Moth highlights the online availability of the September 2009 edition of the MSDN Magazine, and his article on Parallel Debugging in Visual Studio 2010 (including some Beta 2 screenshots!)
  • Business Apps Example for Silverlight 3 RTM and .NET RIA Services July Update: Part 25: ViewModel – Brad Abrams continues wis his epic series of posts on Silverlight 3, The RIA Services, and related technologies. This part takes a look at the use of the View Model Pattern
  • Waiting for Multiple Threads to Finish – Steve Wellens shares an example of the WaitHandle for waiting for threads to complete their work before continuing
  • Your unit test may smell if….! – Derik Whittaker talks about a Test Code Smell of having lots of reflection code in the test to put values into an object, and looks at some possible alternative solutions to this type of problem