Monday is a Bank Holiday (public holiday) here in the UK, and in keeping with the Morning Brew tradition I will be taking Monday off, so your next instalment (#423) will be on Tuesday. Have a good weekend everyone.



  • Fun With Method Missing and C# 4 – Phil Haack explores the wonderful world of the C#4 dynamic support, and along with Method Missing creates a dynamic dictionary and puts it to work in an ASP.NET MVC solution
  • F# First Class Events – Changes on Creating Events – Matthew Podwysocki continues his series of posts on F# Events with a look at how the F# language is evolving, exploring how events are created in the VS2010 timeframe.
  • Build Your Own Data Access Layer: Lazy Loading – Davy Brion continues his series of posts on building a custom DAL, looking at how Lazy Load of entities can be achived. In A guide into OR/M implementation challenges: Lazy loading Ayende follows on from Davy’s post with a look at how NHibernate handles the Lazy Load
  • NHibernate tips & tricks: Efficiently selecting a tree – Ayende also offers a useful post about loading Hierarchical trees of data using NHibernate, showing how you don’t need to round trip to the database for every set of children.
  • NHibernate EnumStringType error, and praise for Open Source – Thomas Weller talks about an issue he ran into in NHibernate to do with having enums in the domain represented as strings in the database using the EnumStringType. Thomas shows how he worked through isolating the problem and fixing it in his copy of the NHibernate source, along with submitting a ticket to the project.
  • Dynamic Part Instantiation in MEF – Nicholas Blumhardt shows off a new feature of the Managed Extensibility Framework which will not be a part of the .NET 4 release of MEF. This feature surrounds the ability to dynamically create parts in response to application events using a Declarative Context Adapter called PartCreator<T>
  • Better Visual Studio F1 – Brian Schmitt follows on from the recent discussion on removing the MSDN Library install from your system and relying on online help with a nice little Visual Studio macro which can be assigned to your F1 key and will take the currently highlighted text and search a number of different sites for it – a worthy replacement I think.
  • How To Get Started With Selenium Core And ASP.NET MVC – Derick Bailey gives a nice run through of working with Selenium Core to test your ASP.NET MVC applications interactively
  • What’s the Difference? Part Three: fixed vs. fixed – Eric Lippert continues his ‘What’s the Difference’ series with a look at the fixed keyword and its role in making pointers work when there is a garbage collector wanting to move memory around.
  • Auto-mocking hierarchies (a.k.a. recursive mocks) with Moq – ‘bengtbe’ follows on from Richard Dingwall’s post I linked to a few days back about complicated mocking requirements offering a suggestion of a Law of Demeter violation. This post talks about how the Moq recursive mock functionality makes the problem of complex mocking of this sort much easier
  • SQL Server Express – A Complete Reference Guide – Pinal Dave post a great collection of resources about the SQL Server Express product.