• A Real WPF WebBrowser – Chris Cavanagh has been at work combining the Chromium and Awesomium projects with some WPF to create a fully functional WPF based web browser allowing you to have a web browser component in WPF applications which behaves well in the WPF layout system. Source is available on CodePlex, and there is a ClickOnce demo too.
  • QuickGraph 3.3: Easy interop with Delegate Graphs – Jonathan "Peli" de Halleux announces a new release of his QuickGraph library of graph data structures and algorithms which includes a number of bugfixes and new graph structures based on delegates
  • Popfly Parting Present – Ben Anderson shares one part of the now close Popfly system, the game engine which is written in Silverlight. Unfortunately due to the nature of Popfly being a hosted serivce this is the only code that could be released as everything else is coupled to the hosting environment, other systems or shares IP with other products