• Try SQL Azure Database CTP Today – The SQL Azure Team encourage you to try out their newly released CTP of Microsoft SQL Azure Database a cloud based relational database engine, which as of this release also includes a driver for PHP to access it. The service is free until Novemeber, when a charging model kicks in, see this post for more details.
  • MVP Launches Bing Sharp API – Jas Dhaliwal highlights the work by Joseph Guadagno on wrapping the Bing API in C# providing a more friendly interface for C# developers to interact with Bing in their code.
  • Reflector.Babel Addin – Jason Haley releases Version of Reflector.Babel Add-in, an add-in for Reflector which provides a simple interface to the Babel Obfuscator


  • STM.NET Contracts aka Access Modifiers for Transactional Memory – Sukhdeep Sodhi explores some of the Code Contracts implemented in the STM.NET preview and looks at how they allow us to know what we can run inside a transaction, and also takes a look at the theory of why this matters.
  • Unit Testing Has Changed How I Write Software – Joel Ross talks about how he overcame his failure to obtain the benefits of Unit Testing and Test Driven Development, and how embracing this style has changed the way he writes software.
  • Preventing debugger property evaluation for side-effect laden properties – James Gregory talks about the DebuggerBrowsable Attribute which allows you to mark properties to not be evaluated automatically by the debuggers watch views, and talks about how this especially important if your properties have side effects.
  • Introducing LazyLinq: Internals – Keith Dahlby talks about the implementation of the key interfaces in his LazyLinq project which aims to support lazy initialisation and deferred disposal of LINQ Query contexts
  • Building Strongly-Typed Sessions in ASP.NET MVC – Jarrett Meyer shares a technique for creating strongly typed session wrappers in ASP.NET MVC allowing you to have sessions free from magic strings.
  • Building Line of Business Applications with Silverlight 3 – Pros and Cons – Dan Wahlin talks about the up and down side of building a line of business application using Silverlight 3 based on his experiences creating a real Silverlight 3 application for a client to manage timesheets and jobs across their organisation.
  • Multiple database support with Entity Framework – Muhammad Mosa talks about database independence in the Entity Framework, looking at how the providers allow this to work, and looks at the steps you should take in your model development to ensure that you obtain the benefits of database independence.
  • Top 10 T-SQL Code Smells – Merrill Aldrich shares some signitures of T-Sql code smells and anti patterns along with giving some explanation of why these things are bad.