• Moonlight 2.0 goes Beta – Miguel de Icaza announces the newly feature complete beta release of Moonlight 2.0, the cross platform Silverlight 2 implementation
  • Rest For ASP.NET MVC SDK and Sample – Phil Haack announces the latest offering from the ASPNET MVC team, a REST SDK and sample application running on top of the ASP.NET MVC framework. From Phil’s post it sounds like lots of this functionality may make the move into the framework over time.
  • KIGG 2.5 Released – Amr ElGarhy announces the release of KiGG 2.5, an update to this ASP.NET MVC powered Digg clone. This release includes updates of various components utilised, such as Moq 3, DotNetOpenAuth 3.2, along with utilising the Entity Framework with a repository pattern.